Surrey newlyweds heartbroken after cruise ship photographer loses wedding photos

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Surrey newlyweds heartbroken after cruise ship photographer loses wedding photos

It’s another wedding photo horror story facing a BC couple.

Surrey newlyweds Breana Wand and Steve Hurley says a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line photographer lost all of their wedding pictures as the family celebrated on a seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise earlier this month.

“Nothing can be re-created, I have nothing.”

Wand says she’s heartbroken after an intimate wedding aboard the Oasis cruise ship July 14th turned into a nightmare.

She says the photographer couldn’t find any traces of the pictures from their ceremony when he plugged his memory card into the computer.

The IT department reviewed the memory card, and could not locate the photos either.

Wand says the cruise line suggested they dress up again and fake the wedding.

“Her asking me to fake walking down the aisle is about the same as her asking me to give birth to my children again so we can fake those pictures.”

She adds “The fact that I’m never going to have any of those memories to share with my children, they ruined my mom and my dad and my sister and her boyfriend’s vacation as well. They totally seem like they just kind of said, when if you’re not going to take the fake photos, or our offer of giving you family photos, then here is your money, and that’s final. They didn’t really care.”

Wand ended up with a $2000 wedding package refund and very little physical evidence of one of the most special days of her life.


  1. So nothing was physically stolen. It was the camera memory card that malfunctioned. That’s crazy as I’ve never had mine fail before like that but I suppose it’s possible if it’s exposed to very hot sun, static shock, or a magnet maybe. After our wedding although we did look at our photos a lot shortly after the wedding. Over the months we rarely view them and after a year we pretty much don’t look at them except maybe on our anniversary. So in the long run at least I can say the most important memories are in your head and other photos your friends / family took will also help.

  2. Really sorry that happened, but, its not the end of the world. Bleep happens sometimes, people make mistakes. They offered you a solution but it wasn’t good enough, well too bad. What would you like them to do? There’s a lot worse things going on in this world, in this country, in this province, in this city than some screw up by a photographer. Must be a slow news day.

  3. I would be disappointed as well. Sure.. I might not look back at my pictures now, but years later I may want to review them again. Pictures last a lifetime.. sometimes our memories do not.

    Why did this photographer only have one card? Most pro cameras will have a 2 card slots for this very reason. One fails.. the other is still OK. The only way pictures can then be lost is by losing the camera while the cards are still inserted.

    Mistakes happen, but not being properly setup as a professional wedding photographer is not an excuse.