Former Vancouver mayors come out in support of aquarium

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Four former Vancouver mayors have taken a public stand on the debate over the future of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Larry Campbell says a lot of the outrage over the whether the attraction should keep cetaceans stems from the documentary about SeaWorld.

He says he supports the aquarium rescuing cetaceans,  who would otherwise die in the wild, and thinks debate is necessary.

“I watched Blackfish and I was appalled, but we aren’t running SeaWorld. We’re not running so that we’re capturing and we’re putting these animals on display like SeaWorld.”

Sam Sullivan, Mike Harcourt and Phillip Owen also signed a letter, sharing Campbell’s views.


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  1. Larry Campbell said the Blackfish documentary about SeaWorld is “appalling”. Does he and the other former mayors know that the Vancouver Aquarium partners with them and they have 5 belugas “on loan” to them?

  2. It is great when we get a cross section of political people agreeing on something. Four former mayors. Wow, now shall we hear from the Team Vision inspired closers?

  3. I am currently in Nunavut and here the belugas and seals are just considered food.
    Please these are animals just treat then well and learn about them.
    Releasing them to the wild is a death sentences. They do not know how to forage for food or defend themselves.
    If you have ever really spent any time in the wild you know that only humans have compassion.
    In the wild you are either predator or prey.

  4. The Aquarium is exclent learning and teaching aide , being on the coast , and being exposed to the public , as it is a jewel in the city . It’s time the critics got their heads out of the sand and took another look . I’m wateing to hear negative coments about Science world , from the morons .

    • I agree with you George it is a jewel, but why can’t you, and a lot of other people here, make a comment without resorting to name calling. Just because people have different views doesn’t make them “morons”.

  5. Nice to hear that the former mayors acknowledge the Vancouver Aquarium as the major tourist attraction in the city and requires no government subsidy.

    I am so pleased to be ahead of the curve with my earlier comments supporting the Aquarium which makes more sense then the $600 million BCPlace roof which requires government subsidy to keep it afloat until Paragon builds a new facility with no increase in slots. And some are clamouring for Paragon to move out. They would rather see the taxpayer money continuing to subsidy a losing operation. Football fans are staying away in droves and watching games on HD at home. Since the roof was completed, average Lions attendance has gone down nearly 10 percent.