Education Ministry says grades going out on time despite teachers’ dispute

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Education Ministry says grades going out on time despite teachers' dispute

Despite months of labour dispute, B.C.’s high school students will receive their marks on schedule.

A Ministry Of Education spokesman says official transcripts are on their way to grade 10, 11 and 12 students.

July 30th is the deadline for the marks to go out every year, and the teachers’ dispute did not affect that.

Grades are also accessible online.

A full-scale strike started June 17, to go along with a partial lockout. There is no sign of an agreement between the BC Teachers Federation and government in sight.


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  1. My crystal ball says see you in October. The Liberals want parents to suffer a little. so when Christy legislates the teachers back to work. The public will have suffered enough to support forcing the teachers back to work.

    • The public will have suffered enough to support forcing the teachers back to work.

      that sounds a lot like families first ….!!!!

      Dwight, Ron26, and William…Why do you feel that you must post the same thing over and over again on every article pertaining to BCTF dispute…?? We get it…!! You`ve repeated yourself about 50 times with the exact same comments…Please tell me your life has more substance than to sit and wait for another cknw thread, so that you can say the same thing…!!! Pathetic.. You guys must have been itching since this was the 1st article since July 17th…

      • Well don’t expect me to to stop giving my opinion of the BCTF any time soon dave. I have zero respect for this militant bunch and will be glad when they’re broadly seen for what they are – a self-serving group who mistakenly presumes they have some unique right to over-rule the Ministry of Education (who’s leadership is elected by the majority of British Columbians) and demand how education is delivered in BC. The day teachers are represented with respect, fairness and integrity will be the day this union fades away. I, for one, look forward to that day.
        If you don’t like what I say, feel free to skip my comments.

  2. The term “grades” is meaning less than it used to, like many other terms associated with the Liberal government’s blundering through “education” “negotiations” at the end of this school year.

    These “grades” include the sham “exams” the government forced students to write even though adequate exam prep time and resources were limited due government “locking out” an “essential service”. In addition, quality of the “exams” was further diminished by government decision to strike written sections of certain exams because they were too much trouble to “mark”.
    Many of these grade 10, 11, and 12 Final Marks were quickly calculated by adding up the first two Terms and dividing by 2. This arbitrary “stripping” of Term Three effort and achievement data further compromises this pretend set of “mark’s” validity.
    This pathetic effort to provide taxpaying parents with year end “marks” is only eclipsed by the Liberal’s even more hollow and empty “efforts” at bad faith “bargaining”…only in BC!

    • Could it be you’re totally choked because the Ministry said exams would go ahead, you said they wouldn’t, yet they did? Or that exams would be graded, you said they wouldn’t, yet they did? Or maybe that the grades would go out on schedule, you said they wouldn’t, yet they are? Or are you just choked that the Ministry is just working along while Iker is off in Neverland ignoring those he’s very well paid to represent?

  3. The standard for marks this year was in the toilet. Students didn’t write final exams in any of their courses. The students that wrote the June sitting of English 10, SS 11, or English 12 Provincial, wrote a much easier version (as they had next to no written component) than those that wrote in January, so they will automatically get the scholarship money over those that wrote in January.
    Some districts simply passed all students in all of their courses, while other districts passed all students that had 40% or better.
    What is really unfair is that the lack of valid marks prevented some deserving students from getting into programs like nursing, while other students unfairly took their spot.
    But most uneducated people don’t know about these issues, while others don’t care.
    As long as the factory keeps pumping students through the system, this government is coming out ahead.

    • Yup. The process is unfair, comes up short and is less than ideal for many. But it’s a lot better than the BCTF paralizing every student’s hopes and plans isn’t it?