Updated: SkyTrain shutdowns hit close to home for Delta Mayor

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Updated: SkyTrain shutdowns hit close to home for Delta Mayor

An emotional meeting of the Translink’s Mayor’s council where Delta’s Mayor told a harrowing story of her daughter stuck on Skytrain during one of the recent meltdowns.

Lois Jackson says her daughter had recently been released from hospital and was heading into work without her oxygen tank when the stoppage happened.

With a dwindling phone battery, she was texting her mom about her increasingly panicked state of mind.

Jackson says she tried desperately to get a hold of Translink and several police agencies to find out what was going on.

Finally she says she called CKNW “that’s when I called CKNW and I said can you tell me what’s happening with this train because I was trying to get through to 911, I don’t know where the communication was at all.”

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says the only way she could get information on what was happening was by tuning in to CKNW.

“I think many of the mayors turned on CKNW to get the information because the information was not coming to us and that is a significant issue for all of us because our residents are looking to us to give them information and make sure they are in communication and they have updated information.”

In fact Belcarra Mayor Ralph Drew suggested the Translink Board was “negligent” for not having a better passenger safety plan in place….

“At this point in time the current Translink Board needs to re-assess how they approach risk assessment, how they handle public safety, system redundancy and emergency response plans.”

Translink Board Chair Marcella Szel admits the emergency response plan wasn’t good enough.

“In point of fact the management at Translink and myself met with the mayors but it was two days afterwards so that was too late for the mayors to communicate to their communities and that will be part of the protocols that we will be looking for in a change should an incident ever occur like this again.”

Translink Mayors’ council chair Richard Walton says commuters need to have confidence in their transit system and that confidence has been shattered.


  1. Of course she is kept in the dark with regards to TransLink’s emergency plans.
    It is because they do not have one.

    They seem to have lots of taxpayers money for art installations, and transit police ads that were a waste of money, a transit police agency (we have police), employee perks, executive bonuses, a multi million dollar compass card that doesn’t work, a park and ride parking lot that sit empty and the list keeps growing…

    Why spend money on safety when you have all of that!
    Just give the riders CKNW’s phone number to call when there is an emergency. And a rope ladder!

  2. The quasi cops such as the Trans Link police are a redundant lot.

    They are most likely out on the front of the stations looking for drivers without seat belts or using a cell phone while in traffic.

    I am amused at how they get involved in writing such “Tags” but who really pays for this if a ticket is disputed.

    Perhaps if the Court appearance is not scheduled for their day shift, they then receive an enriched minimum of 4 hours overtime. Not bad if you go hard at writing tickets that do not involve the safety and security or follow truly their mandate of their employer.

    My point being there are special sections such as the “Integrated Traffic Enforcement Unit” that deal with everything traffic, and the likes of the drug section that do the very same.

    Neither do you see normally these agencies wasting their time enforcing other agencies mandates as the budget does not afford concentrated efforts as such.

    I say put the transit cops back where they truly belong on the transit line, there is plenty of things that they can work on such as better public safety.

  3. All the high prices ‘talent’ at Translink couldn’t figure out any emergency drill or redundancy?

    I hate to think what WILL happen if the much predicted Mother of All Earthquakes evey hits the Lower Mainland, or even a milder earth movement dislocating some elevated SkyTrain tracks.

  4. And for this reason alone Translink management should all be fired! They could have caused severe medical conditions for a few more people I’m sure. And since when do you need to rely on a radio station to deliver info that should be coming right from the horses mouth? Radio is fine for those of us not involved, but for people directly affected, this is unacceptable! Poor communication is an understatement. No contingency plans or anything! Well I’m glad NW is running this story!

  5. I worked for company that sold a guy a new ( the 1st.) Hi efficiency furnace. It had all the bells and whistles and he wanted even more of them. Soon he started calling in that he did not like most of the bells he had wanted and some that were part of the system. When we finally finished taking stuff out of his system he basically had a small standard furnace. He then told us he was one of the main people charged with selecting engines and other components for the sky train that was coming. Kind of scary looking back now.