Border agency investigates after uniforms spotted in Vancouver dumpster

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

“That should be the point, I think, of great embarrassment and confusion for all of us.”

The Canada Border Services Agency has launched an internal investigation after a homeless man found official uniforms in a Vancouver Dumpster.

Blogger Stanley Woodvine says he found a number of guard shirts in the 1500 block of 15th Avenue last month.

SFU Security Expert Joshua Labove says it’s not proper procedure and poses security concerns.

“In this case it was just uniforms; it could have been a whole lot worse. This is still an organization that is yet to fully become armed. This could have been a whole lot more devastating, it’s fortunately just a pile of linens.

He adds “It’s embarrassing for the CBSA and certainly confusion for the Canadian public who should be a little confused how this many uniforms, in seemingly very good condition, made it so far away from, really, any regular CBSA business.”

In an email to CKNW, the CBSA says officers are supposed to remove and destroy any identification before discarding the uniform.

Photo credit:  Stanley Woodvine


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