Pipeline battle continues in Burnaby

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Pipeline battle continues in Burnaby

Kinder Morgan is officially using the stick in order to gain access to Burnaby Mountain with or without permission from city council.

Trans Mountain pipeline project leader Carey Johannesson says the National Energy Board has been asked to rule on section 73 of federal NEB Act.

“It bascially says if the company is looking to try and fix the route of a pipeline they have the ability to be able to go on to land whether it be crown land, or municipal lands, or private lands. In the case of Burnaby the board came back and said in order for the application to proceed we need that information. We have basically said to Burnaby and we have indicated to the board we need to be able to get on that property to do the work.”

Johannesson says they have also just filed an alternate pipeline route should Burnaby Mountain not work out.

He says the route would go down Burnaby Mountain Parkway, Hastings, Cliff Avenue, and then through backyards down Northcliffe Crescent.

The city of Burnaby is calling Kinder Morgan underhanded and its actions unacceptable.

Councillor Sav Dhaliwal says Kinder Morgan seems to be talking out of both sides of its mouth.

“On one hand they are suggesting oh they want to work with the city. They want to have a good relationship with the city. Then they are saying we will use this hammer anyway we don’t have to listen to the city and we will go to the NEB to allow them to access Burnaby mountain, ecologically sensitive or not. We are very disappointed in there approach.”

He says Burnaby is not happy with Kinder Morgan’s latest moves.

“We are once again shocked and dismayed at the tactics that they are using.”

Dhaliwal says the only right thing for Kinder Morgan to do is abandon any plans to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline through Burnaby.

He says the city is not the rural property it once was when the original pipeline was built.

The NEB has given the city of Burnaby until Friday to respond to Kinder Morgan.


  1. “Councillor Sav Dhaliwal says Kinder Morgan seems to be talking out of both sides of its mouth.” Well, he would recognize that because he probably does that most of the time. There are pipelines all over Burnaby and it won’t be “through someone’s backyard”. These are well underground and they have an excellent safety record, and are more environmentally friendly than truck transport or trains. Trucks with tanks full of refined gas for retail gas stations drive all around Burnaby every day. Get a grip and join the real world.

  2. “shock and dismay” …… How can any group work with a city run by individuals taking an uncooperative stance? Councillor Sav Dhaliwal seems to think companies should just roll over and acquiesce to local sentiment.

    Municipalities have continuously eroded industrial land base- allowing residential expansion in areas that should have been reserved for industrial growth.
    Pipelines are the safest means of transporting oil and gas-get on with it.

  3. Well although I don’t totally like the idea, we already have a lot of older worse pipelines in Burnaby and the alternative of by truck or train has a much worse track record then the new modern pipelines so I’d go with the lesser of the evils and go with pipelines. People who just say no to pipelines then add nothing to the solution don’t really help.