Vancouver kicks off Pride Week with discussion

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Vancouver kicks off Pride Week with discussion

Instead of bells and whistles, this year’s Vancouver Pride Week kicks off with debate and discussion at City Hall.

A panel of community activists took to council chambers to talk about issues facing their community around the world.

One speaker, Zdravko Cimbaljevic, came from Montenegro as the pride parade’s guest Grand Marshall last year, then returned as a refugee after he was threatened with death at home for speaking out.

“The journey was really tough. I was just fighting with my own guilt that I left everyone and I abandoned everyone and they all hate me.”

Cimbaljevic and other speakers say it’s important for Canada to be a refuge for gays threatened in their home countries.

    • Why? Give me some good reasons.
      I’m sorry you cannot enjoy a sunny day and a parade with some outrageous folks entertaining you.
      Good for you He, good for you. Some give this person some applause.

      I will be attending for the 18th year, and again this year, my son and 2 nieces will accompany me along with many friends and family (do you have any friends?)

      My son is 12 now and nieces are 15 and 6 and we have a great time every single year. Nothing you can say or do will ever change that for us but bravo on your little tidbit posting warning everyone with kids to stay away.
      Enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy, I would never tell you not to….. that is, if there is anything in life you enjoy.
      take care now.

    • I also wonder if the parade will have 240 liquor pour outs or any weapons seized like at that family friendly fireworks show.

      Hmmmm….. nope, just entertainers and whistles, feathers, rainbows! oh wow, how horrible.

  1. I really don’t care who lives with/marries/has sex with, etc who. But can these people just stop talking about it all the time? These people are just obsessed with this-in Vancouver this is a 24/7 issue all the time. And NW is just obsessed with it as well-how sweet that the logo on the twitter site is a rainbow.

    The good news is that they have discovered that important bastion of homophobia-Montenegro. I wonder how much discussion is going to take place about what to do about the treatment of LGBT people in, say, Palestine, Jordan, Iran, just to name a few. Somehow, I think these people would rather focus on Montenegro, rather than to deal with the beheadings, stonings, firing squads, etc in the middle east.

    And those marching in the “pride” parade will dress as priests and nuns, but not, for example, as the Prophet Mohammed-I wonder why. I agree with He though-the parade is not suitable for children in my opinion.

    • Excuse me John… I don’t care who lives with/marries either but i’m sick and tired of your straight agenda in my face 24/7 ! It’s been going on for decades and I can’t stand it any longer. On my tv, advertising, on the street, at the beach, walking down the sidewalk… there you all are kissing and holding hands and shoving your agenda down my throat.
      I can’t take it any more!

      Agree all you like, the parade is child-friendly. Not sure why you have to say it is not. Don’t attend and dont’ bring your children. There! I have solved it for you.

    • i wonder how many liquor pour-outs and weapons will be seized at this years parade.
      there were hundreds at the family-friendly fireworks on Saturday night.
      I would be very scared to take my children anywhere near that.