Translink hires an independent reviewer

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Translink has tapped a transit expert who was involved in setting up the original Expo line to do a review of its systems after two brutal skytrain meltdowns.

Translink CEO Ian Jarvis says Gary McNeil, the former President of Go Transit and Vice President of Toronto’s Metrolinx system, will begin his review tomorrow.

Jarvis says McNeil will be paid “a normal rate” of about 12-hundred dollars a day.

As for his final report, and its recomendations, due in October Jarvis says “It is an assumption but with respect to investment in redundancy and equipment that comes with a cost. We need to, working with the board, determine what the objective is. What is the level of investment? What is it going to cost? What is the benefit? and then make a decision what is best for all things considered for the system and the customer that we serve.”

Jarvis admits some of those recomendations might come with a cost.

“What are the tradeoffs? Every decision you make has tradeoffs. Certainly the reason we are bringing Gary in is he is a well respected transit expert. he has experience in these situations. I am confident that the recomendations that he will make are feasible and practical.”

Jarvis says McNeil will have access to everything.

“He will have full access to our organization, our personel, our records, and our reports that we are undertaking. As well I have talked to Gary certainly access to other experts. I think in my perspective that Gary has got to make up his own mind. I think public safety is an important aspect of this review.”

However Jarvis says Translink is already making changes.

Jarvis says public address systems are being put on a separate breaker and volumes checked.

He says Translink is not sitting still “And are making changes to our maintenance practices and timing and the that way we communciate to customers and positioning our personel to be in a position to help our customers. We don’t want to give an impression that we are waiting for a review to complete before we take action. Reviews have already been underway, completed, and we are taking steps.”

He says they are also looking at where to put staff in any future skytrain meltdown .

“Certainly Metrotown is one of those hubs, Waterfront. So assigning more personel to locations like that. Looking at assigning other staff across the organization. Give them training so that can be dispatched to those lesser utilized station is one specific thing we are going to impliment.”

Jarvis says they also want to improve bus bridges by adding buses and increasing staff to tell commuters where to go.


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    • With Jarvis and Kelsy being friends of the BC Liberals your first thought is they must be taking advise from the NDP ? Really commonsense ?
      This is typical BC Liberal tactics which is taking care of their friends with tax dollars.
      I thought the running of Translink and Skytrain was being done by the brightest and best high salaries could buy, why do they have ask Gary McNeil how to do it.

  1. What? An external independent review ordered by Translink CEO Jarvis? Obviously he must be an NDPer as he meets the criteria according to som posters who called a review a waste of time.

    But wait… Apparently, this external expert is not so independent after all. He served as a consultant to Sky Train. Now is he likely to reveal any deficiencies in design, construction or maintenance policies and procedures when he was apparently party to such details?

    I hardly think so. No wonder CEO hired him.

  2. Once again we are being played as patsies. Government creates a layer of bureaucracy and staffs it with overpriced administrators under the guise that they are being paid for their expertise. The minute something goes off the rails the solution seems to be to hire someone else to determine what happened. Apparently this Mr. Fixit is getting $1,200.00 per day and one can assume that doesn’t cover his sundry expenses.

    Maybe Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Kelsey and the others that make up the cabal known as Translink can save the beleaguered taxpayers by paying the costs of Mr. Fixit out of their pockets.

    One can dream!

  3. $1200.00 a day ? No hurry to complete this by October, I’ll bet !! I just can’t see anyone gullible enough to vote “yes” as far as giving Translink 7 Billion dollars come the referendum.

  4. Can someone please tell me what we are paying TransLink’s BOD and upper management team for? I know I’m not the brightest bulb on the string (at least that’s what I get from a lot of Progressives), but I would have thought this expertise should have been in-house; especially considering the monthly bill we get for their labour (or lack of).

    When will OUR elected representation (mayors, etc.) step in and severely overhaul this mess and start over with individuals answerable to US and with at least a modicum of competence? Just who are the BOD and management supposed to be answerable to? Apparently it’s not the taxpayer; so just who will step in and take responsibility for oversight of this bevy of bumbling boobs (how about that for alliteration – that’s why I’m called alliterate – or is it – never mind)? This has to stop and stop now; we’ve wasted more than enough of our hard-earned tax dollars on these clowns. Don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to wait for the delaying tactic we know as the referendum.

  5. Translink claims their main concern is public safety.
    And it seems the big problem is people exiting the trains and walking down the track.

    Since Skytrain will have failures regardless of anything they do lets change tactics and do something so anti-Translink.
    Find a low tech – inexpensive way of getting people off the trains that are stuck between stations. And guarantee it will be done within 20 minutes of the stall.

    Expecting people to wait in a car with no climate control or toilets for more than an hour is unreasonable.

  6. 1200 bucks a day is pretty good. My Dentist doesn’t gross that much, let alone net. I wonder if there will be an extension to the contract duration? Answer: Of course,(all you dummies).

  7. An independent reviewer who was involved in setting up the original system.
    I guess it’s because I am not one of “THE BRIGHTEST AND THE BEST” that I think this would be like putting the wolf in charge of the hen house.

    And all for only $1,200.00 dollars a day. What a bargan. I just hope that it doesn’t go into over time for the few days that a day is actually over eight hours.

    And you can be sure that lunches/dinners, travel costs to and from work will be over and above this paltry $1,200.00 bucks a day!!!!!

  8. It seems everyone who blew a gasket over a few hours of frustration and inconvenience over 2 skytrain problems and then demanded the ever-so-popular review are now blowing another gasket that Translink actually gave in to their wishes. Damned if they do, damned of they don’t. I wonder how many of these staunch whiners even use the system? Anyone who thought these reviews are cheap or that the few competent “experts” somehow don’t know each other have very selective memories. Translink (top heavy as it is) knows what happened, how not to let it happen again and how to deal better with a similar occurance next time – and like everything else, there will be a next time. In my opinion, this excercise is a complete waste of time, energy and resources.

    • And everyone, including the CEO who ordered an ever-so popular review is now wrong?

      Your comments provide the best reasons why CEO Jarvis and his highly-paid execs should be fired.

      Yet, you are really defending them.

      Go figure-a predictable response lacking substance.

  9. I wonder if they hire someone like this every time a bus breaks down, or every time there is an accident on a bridge or in the tunnel. All the wankers are to blame. Translink felt the pressure of complainers and now they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I thought the system was pretty reliable, there has only been a couple shutdowns.