Transit police apologize for Skytrain ads

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Transit police apologize for Skytrain ads

Transit Police are acting quickly to remove offensive ads from Metro Vancouver skytrains.

“We apologize to anybody that this has offended. That was not our intention.”

Spokesperson Anne Drennan says the decision to replace the ads carrying the slogan: “Not reporting sexual assault is the real shame” was made soon after complaints started pouring in.

“What we were trying to say was that it is such a shame sexual offences are so often not reported, and that shame continues with the fact that the suspects are getting away with these offences.”

Drennan says all the insulting ads will be removed by the end of the week.


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  1. I’m sorry – are we at a point with PC that there are groups “offended” by an ad that simply wasn’t worded the best it could be. People! Give us all a break – shut your pie hole and give up the victim nonsense. Most of us (even though TransLink is not the panacea of competence) have far bigger issues to deal with; but then again it allows TransLink a distraction from the real problems.

  2. People are too sensitive these days. The point of this ad was pretty obvious, and only someone looking to be offended would be offended. But, we live in a narcissistic society today-people are offended at just about everything.

  3. I would have missed that for sure. Not reporting sexual assault is the real shame just sounds like if you’re assaulted, report it because it’s a shame many don’t period. Well I guess people need something to complain about. Probably the same people complaining about Chinese signs. Who cares.