Homeless advocate wary of Vancouver’s $20M offer to buy Arbutus corridor

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Homeless advocate wary of Vancouver's $20M offer to buy Arbutus corridor

One of Vancouver’s homeless advocates hope the city digs as deep to keep promises to end homelessness as it is to save the Arbutus rail corridor.

Adrienne Smith, lawyer for PIVOT Legal Society, won’t outright criticize the city for offering $20 million to buy the rail corridor from CP Rail, but she says she hopes politicians take a closer look at where the money is going.

“The city is juggling lots of different priorities, but Vision (Vancouver)’s main commitment going into this election year is to end homelessness and it seems like funding allocation should be focused on that.”

Vancouver Sun columnist Daphne Bramham questioned the city having just $16 million in the capital budget for ending homelessness.

CP has asked residents living along the corridor to clear away their gardens and belongings by July 31.


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    • Freedom-hating Progressives of all stripes love telling others what they should do with their property. As for the property given to them (the ‘railways’) – wasn’t it part of the incentives to get the railways built? You know the railways that allowed the country to be united (not sure that was a good idea when we look at Quebec and Equalization) and to get people, goods and resources more easily transported across Canada – so that our country could be opened up and become prosperous. FYI – It’s the same resources that the freeloaders like taxed so that they may live in a style to which they wish to become accustomed.
      TheBigP: As for your bike lanes – if it’s such a great idea, make those using the lanes cover the costs of it – pay for the property and maintenance of the route, be forced to have insurance for the possibility they hit someone or damage property with their bikes, pay policing costs, purchase an annual license/user fee, etc. In other words – act like any responsible taxpayer or car owner.
      The way I look at it, the hundred people that will actually use the lane should start by putting up about $200K each (you can have the government take a loan out for you – if you want to finance it that way) just to acquire the land; then we tack the other costs on top. We could even toll it just for you.
      Enough already of freeloaders wanting others to pay for their way in life. The land belongs to CP and it should be their decision on what they wish to do with it; not a bunch of freeloaders working for or with a bunch of other freeloaders in government.
      Maybe BigP can personally come up with the $20 Million or so to buy the land (if it can be purchased that cheaply) and donate it to the city. You’d be loved; just like I luv intylekchewals.

  1. Using the land to set up housing for the homeless. Much better use than bike path or park. Any reasons for its use for freight trains have long disappeared and streetcars are not wanted. There is no longer the industry that required trains to service Granville Island and surrounding businesses. When CP rail shutdown the line in 2001 they only had one customer to service. Unless they want to run a tourist interurban car there is no reason to open the line.

  2. Nope- Vision should never have “promised” to eliminate homelessness.
    Any money in the homeless fund should not come from property taxes.
    It’s a social responsibility that falls in the provincial and federal jurisdictions.
    As for the “Big Picture”- the railways opened the country and continue to be integral in the Canadian economy. As for the city being able to expropriate the land- absolutely not. Can you imagine how effectively idiots like Vision could steal industrial lands and deliver them to their developer friends.

    • Spot on. They have no business making lofty promises they can’t keep and pricey commitments they have no business making.
      Oh ya, an election is around the corner and Gregor must at least give the appearance Vision cares about something so maybe no one will remember their past screw-ups.

  3. “Adrienne Smith, lawyer for PIVOT Legal Society” . . . is concerned?
    Where was Adrienne when the Portland Housing Society folks were robbing the homeless blind? Why were they never charged with Fraud? Perhaps if they had been Senators it might have gotten some media attention.

    That CP Rail corridor would have been an excellent route for the Canada Line . . . instead of the Billions spent digging up Cambie Street . . . could have also spun off a loop to include UBC . . . but what do I know . . .
    I have know for decades that Vancouver has been run by loons . . . from the time they were banning Nuclear weapons back in the 70s . . .

  4. All the surrounding cities and municipalities are waiting for Gregor to build lots of free homes for the homeless . . . remember the old adage “Build it and they will come” is as true today as it ever was . . . except maybe in the case of bike lanes . . .