Aquarium steps up social media campaign amid captivity debate

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The head of the Vancouver Aquarium says misinformation has led them to change how they take on those fighting against them.

Over the last few days, the aquarium’s Twitter has been active, responding to people writing for and against the organization.

Dr John Nightingale says they’re loathe to take resources away from communicating the work they do, but it’s what they have to do right now.

“Huge number of opinions out there, many of them unsubstantiated or unsubstantiatable fact. And as a science-based organization, we stand on that. Twitter is one way of reaching out and questioning information.”

Speakers continue at the park board debate over the aquarium’s future tonight.


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  1. The “anti’s” are out in full force . . . the anti-science, anti-future despots would have us all living in the 19th century if they had their way.

    Won’t keeping the whales at the Aquarium keep them safe from Gorebull Warming, oil tankers and Pipelines . . . lol