Advanced Education minister won’t quit

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Advanced Education minister won't quit

BC’s Advanced Education Minister says he won’t quit despite ongoing New Democrat demands for his resignation.

Amrik Virk says “That’s the whole wonderful thing about democracy, the ability to have free speech.”

Virk was part of the board at Kwantlen Polytechnic University when a questionable decision was made to boost the salaries of two executives including President Alan Davis by 50-thousand dollars.

He’s dismissing suggestions that controversy is a distraction.

“I have a mandate to train the next one million learners into earners.”

Reporter “So, your answer to the NDP?”

“Well, you know, continue to exercise your democratic freedom. That’s the wonderful nature of our country.”

The New Democrats want BC’s Auditor General to investigate, but -Russ Jones hasn’t agreed yet.

The results of an internal review by Davis are expected later this summer.


    • Why is it ok for him to give top administrators big raises which is against the rules brought in by the BC Liberals .
      I guess anything the BC Liberals do is just fine with those who have blind loyalty to this government.

    • *Insert comment from the wrong-leaning, I mean left-leaning*(unquote)

      Somewhere in the cloud is a comment that commonsense sees which the rest of us don’t. Not that it was relevant.

      I don’t get his point but nevertheless “Well Said.”

  1. One of the wonderful things about Democracy is free speech. One of the not so wonderful things is it’s morphed into a system that dishonesty, such as Mr. Virk has shown, is no longer a reason to step down.

  2. Does the last line of your report…
    “The results of an internal review by Davis are expected later this summer.”
    mean that President Alan Davis [who now earns $50,000 more salary thanks to Amrik Virk] is “reviewing” his own raise? Wonder what he will find?
    Every day this BC Liberal government finds new ways to insult the integrity and certitude of terms like “democracy”.
    No wonder Mr. Virk gushes about how wonderful it is to live in a country where “democratic freedom” allows he and his Liberal colleagues to brazenly circumvent all rules up to and including BC Supreme Court Rulings…outrageous!

  3. Amrik Virk was appointed Minister of Advanced Education on June 10, 2013 by Premier Christy Clark.

    Amrik Virk: “That’s the whole wonderful thing about democracy …”


    He wasn’t elected to be the Minister of Advanced Education.

    He was appointed by Christy Clark.

    A woman who never made it past high school.

    The voters have spoken though, democracy has spoken, and the spectators pretending to be citizens who couldn’t be bothered to vote in the last provincial election because they were too busy updating their Facebook pages are irrelevant.

    Enjoy the gong show.

  4. Amrik Virk: “That’s the whole wonderful thing about democracy …”

    Translation – Virk is able to use democracy to his own advantage. Perhaps Mr. Virk is just another Liberal who has successfully learned how to park his conscience at the door.