Vancouver Park Board hears from 133 people on marine mammal captivity debate

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Vancouver Park Board hears from 133 people on marine mammal captivity debate

The Vancouver Park Board has now heard from more than 100 people on both sides of the debate surrounding whales and dolphins in captivity- as the future of the Vancouver Aquarium hangs in the balance.

Grade seven student Andrew Nair says he and his father cancelled their year-round memberships.

“I like the aquarium, the only reason I don’t go now is because they have those, in my opinion I think kids and even adults would like to go there still, even if they didn’t have the whales.”

Walt Judas with Tourism Vancouver says more than 1-million people visit the Aquarium every year and the marine mammals are a huge attraction.

“The aquarium passes are among the top three passes that we sell at our visitors centre downtown.”

Director of Arctic Programs at the Aquarium is Eric Coloman .

“The letter that I read from the north was really indicating the importance to these aboriginal communities the kind of work that is going on.”

A total of 133 people had their voices heard.

Many still feel the practice is inhumane.

“I totally disagree with animals in captivity.”

“I’m totally against cetaceans in captivity

“Captivity is cruelty”

“This issue is one that the public has to have a say on, and that means a referendum.”

Commissioners will meet again in July 31st at 6pm to discuss the public’s comments.

The Park Board hasn’t said when a final decision will be made.


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  1. Put it to a vote in the next civic election. Lets get the view of the Public and not from the little anti everything groups only.
    I would like to be governed as a result of the whole public not some select few who seem to want to control every thing we do.

  2. I get a kick out of the folks that “Feel” the whales and dolphins are unhappy in their surroundings . . . so liberal of them. What do they Know? Absolutely nothing . . .

    Reminds me of the “Free Willy” loons in San Fran . . . when they released a dolphin they thought should go back to the wild, they dropped him off the end of a pier . . . right into the jaws of a waiting shark . . . the poor dolphin never hit the water. Was that “Cruel and Unusual” punishment? I “Feel” the Dolphin says YES ! ! !

  3. The economic case for whales and dolphins to be kept for entertainment and scientific research cannot be ignored. The Aquariun is family-oriented, unlike the $600 million BC Place upgrade which caters to a bunch of drunks watching grown men beat each other up.

    The aquarium attracts over a million visitors producing an economic benefit of over $100 million. It is self-supporting needing no taxpayer subsidy unlike the white elephant BC Place which sucks taxpayers dry.

    so on economic metrics, the Stanley Park Aquarium wins hands down.

    • Your “white elephant” gives a home to two professional teams that draw 100s of thousands to the venue . . . It also is a venue for dozens of commercial exhibits every year.

      As usual you are in the minority . . . as most of the thinking folks would not want to lose the Lions or White Caps . . . they generate millions for downtown businesses . . . and I am sure they would be welcomed in Surrey or Langley.

      Then of course their your definition of success . . . the Fast Ferries . . . been for a ride lately Site?

      • Dale—- And BC Place loses money and requires a massive taxpayer subsidy.

        And you are calling for Paragon to pull up stakes and move from the BC Place location when the business and economic case for the $600 million BC Place roof was based on Paragon and others developing an entertainment vneue adjacent to BC Place.

        You need to pay attention. A destination casino was rejected outright by Surrey so you are dreaming . As for Langley or any other region that has a viable casino, adding a 1200-slot Paragon casino will not attract more gamblers or increase local government revenue. All it will do is spread the gambling dollar as there are a limited number of gamers.

        Have you not learned about the economic principle of the Law of diminishing Returns?

        Exactly where did you learn about economics? Obviously, you didn’t attend the universities which I attended.

        I don’t have a problem with expressing a minority or majority perspective. That is the least of my concerns as to whether my perspectives align themselves with the majority or the minority.

        Sadly, many, including yourself, believe in being on the winning side or the mayjority. Worse still, even when you are wrong, you think you are right. Such a position results in having to contradict yourself-often.

  4. Wow! NW has the opinion of a Grade 7 student. Not to downgrade the poor kiddie, but that’s about three grades up on most of the protestors and all of Vision. What has an IQ of 40? Vision.

  5. Dale and Commonsense-Have you noticed that since the $600 million was blown on the BC place roof to subsidize professional sports teams, the Lions attendance has gone south (down i/c you don’t understand the term) every year since the roof was opened?