Nanaimo golf course owner says lucky no golfers were hurt in fatal plane crash

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The owner of the Cottonwood Golf Course near Nanaimo is thankful no one else was hurt in yesterday’s fatal plane crash which killed both passengers.

“It was just a sad day yesterday,” said Trent Kaese. “It’s still gut wrenching really because people lost their lives in that situation.”

Kaese adds that he was shocked to hear a plane had gone down on his course.

“We had people that were shaken up all over different areas that actually witnessed it but it was very fortunate that there was no one on actual hole 14.”

He says luck was on the side of golfers who were out on the course as the plane struck down on hole 14 and no one happened to be at that hole at the time.

Bill Yearwood with the Transportation Safety Board says the amphibious plane, crashed on takeoff from the Nanaimo Airport. TSB and the BC Coroner’s Service are investigating the crash.

No details have been released at this point about the victims.


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