Vancouverites blame homeless deaths on having no roof to live under

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“People are dying ok? Let’s be real about this! People are dying and regardless if they’re there by their fault or not, they’re dying.”

While prices continue to soar in the Vancouver housing market, many on the downtown east side say that has a direct link with more Vancouverites dying.

Today 28 different community groups will join in a city-wide housing march across the downtown east side.
All in hopes of voicing, what organizers call, a much needed cry for help in the Vancouver housing crisis.
And adding, regardless of whose fault, people are dying on the streets and something needs to be done.

“Who is going to take responsibility for housing? That is part of the government’s responsibility to help and insure the health and welfare of its citizens.”

Hugh Lampkin, on the board of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users says there are more people homeless on the streets than ever before.

The March begins at 1 pm at 138 Hastings and will finish at city hall.


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  1. I ‘m sure that living in the DTES is high risk ….but people don’t need to live there !!! Go to a small town in the interior and get a job ….if it’s too expensive to live here …then don’t !!!

  2. More money is spent on the DTES than any other neighborhood in Canada. The net effect is more homeless people. I wonder if that means a change of tactics is needed ? Why would we be buying housing on some of the most expensive land in North America ? To continue on this road is unaffordable. I wonder when that light will come on for our Politicians and homeless people ? Remember, “build it and they will come”.

  3. ” there are more people homeless on the streets than ever before.”

    Well of course there are- if you are a drug user and want to be allowed to do as you please- Vancouver is the greatest place to live in Canada.

  4. Most of these folks have substance abuse problems, that is why they are on the street.
    Why is the solution always to throw millions of taxpayer dollars at a problem?
    Didn’t Insite bring enough freeloaders to the city back in the day?

    • Spoken like a true Liberal! Nicely done Dale! Always the money with you man – again, no solutions just criticism! On the one hand you say these people have substance issues, the next they are freeloaders. You just keep taking pot shots at those who wish to actually solve an issue, but you never back it up with facts or solutions. Here is a fact – people are dying on the street! Main thing is here, come in on budget! The thing that bothers me with your posts is that others are doing, not always correctly, but they are doing – you just complain about the doers.

      • People are not dying from not having a ROOF . . . Rick . . . they are dying because of their Addictions ! ! !
        As usual . . . you spout uninformed nonsense . . . give them an apartment some where and all will be solved . . . really?
        Until there is a serious attempt at solving the problem, which is long-term rehab, re-education and teaching job skills . . . this problem will only grow. Lame attempts like Insite have solved nothing!

  5. Gee-you mean taking drugs and sleeping on the streets is dangerous to a person’s health? Who knew? So let’s say governments borrow even more money and build places for all these people to live. Anyone believe the problem will go away? Or will other people looking for a free place to live move to the DTES and demand “free” housing. A challenge to all the PCHPP out there (politically correct higher purpose people)-put your actions where your mouths are-take some homeless people home. Jenny Quan must have some spare room in her home in Point Grey.

  6. This is the dumbest quote I’ve seen yet: “Who is going to take responsibility for housing? That is part of the government’s responsibility to help and insure (s/b ensure) the health and welfare of its citizens.”
    I take responsibility for my housing! As I am able, I help out those that need it. Why should anyone expect the government to take over my responsibilities just because I don’t? I’m all for government offering temporary relief for anyone who has found themselves in tough personal circumstances, but to assume it will go on indefinitely with no strings attached turns compassion into governing completely irresponsibly. Government’s responsibility is NOT “to ENSURE health and welfare”, it’s to ensure people have appropriate access to health and welfare. Unless we are completely incapable, we ensure our own and our family’s health and welfare and no one can or should do it for us.

  7. What statistics do these groups have to conclude that the people are dying from homelessness and not drug overdoses? How many people actually died from homelessness? And how could you determine that people died from homelessness and not some underlying medical causes? Does an autopsy report on a dead body say “death from homelessness”?

  8. Twenty eight community groups trying to justify their existence who have failed. That underlines the idiocy of continuing this nonsense. DTES consumes over a million dollars per day; for what?

    Time to stop this madness!

    • How to stop the Madness, you scream, but have no answers unless it inflicts pain? As all your right leaning pals It seems you all have declared war on the homeless. If you go to the DTES as I know you all have the courage you can tell them how you feel to their faces ,or better tell it to Rich Coleman the man in charge. Oh! I forgot that should be Christy Clark and she’s got a big home she could share, seeing most of her time now is spent in Kelowna and Victoria as her traveling expenses dictated.

      • Well Ken280, here is big chance to show all of us just exactly how you lefties would resolve the problem.
        You criticise others for not having answers, so I know you must have them?Heres your big chance to show us all how smart you and the NDP are?

      • This Ken is another creation of the out-of-control left . . . Insite alone expanded the d/t eastside homeless population 10 fold.
        Then the Mayor jumped in to expand it further with promised rewards.

        No other city in Western Canada has the same size problem . . . of course no other city has as many far-left loons either ! ! !

        Tell me Ken . . . where is Socialism working today?

  9. The more you have pity on those bums, the more they will come to DTES. this is getting so bad since Gregor Robertson took over as mayor of the city. He promise there will be no one will be homeless. why is now so many homeless people in the city. as I said, you can’t have pity on these human garbage.

  10. There was some statistical numbers about it cost FIFTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR to look after ONE homeless person.

    Whole FAMILIES live on less than that amout.

    So where does the money goes? How is it spent? The homeless person apparently does NOT receives the $52,000 or that person could rent a decent place, eat well and even have some mone left over for drinks, drugs, cigarettes and even a car.

    Then there was something about how ONEMILLION DOLLARD spend DAILY on the East End. On whom are that yearly $365 Million dollars spent on?

    Would somebody enlighten us. most of that money comes from TAXPAYERS and apparently don’t do much to help homeless.