Vancouver Aquarium review on captive cetaceans continues

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Vancouver Aquarium review on captive cetaceans continues

The meeting to review the practice of keeping captive cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium continues this afternoon.

Vancouver Park Board chair Aaron Jasper said in an interview with Global BC prior to the meeting that there’s a number of possible outcomes from the review.

“Could be everything from ‘thank you for the report, we’ll take it under advisement’, maybe going ‘we need more research based on details of this report’ to ‘let’s take some action’. But I think we all agree we want to listen, we want to hear from the public and aquarium and really be able to dive into this report and get informed before we contemplate any next steps.”

“Let’s look at what the aquarium does with respect to the cetacean captivity. Let’s look at the research they do, let’s look at the rescue and rehabilitation programs they have, and let’s compare that data to other aquariums across North America and internationally. Let’s have a really good understanding of the facts before we get into any discussion of possible action down the road.”

With over a hundred speakers including residents in line, the review is likely to spill into Monday evening.


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  1. Let’s drive another tourist attraction out of Vancouver . . .

    I wonder if they are as concerned when the whales are run down by Container Ships bringing their new Nikes from China?

    Once again the loon fringe is on parade . . . .

  2. Just what we need, another damned Unelected few trying to tell us how to live. We have to find a way to stop these minority groups Forcing their way to live on us. It does not matter what we try to do , there is some Little anti everything group against it.