NDP critic speaks out about Translink meltdowns

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NDP critic speaks out about Translink meltdowns

“It’s absolutely clear that Translink needs more funding.”

The New Democrat critic for Translink says the Liberal government is deflecting responsibility after two sky train meltdowns over a four day span stranded thousands of commuters.

George Heyman says Translink needs more provincial cash.

“The first failure, we heard from Translink say they made a monetary decision not to invest in the back up to the failed computer system, that’s undoubtedly part of the reason there was such a large disruption, and we continue to wait for the necessary investment in maintenance, improved services, and investment in infrastructure.”

But Heyman says he would support an expert independent review of the sky train disruptions.


  1. I didn’t see any Liberal MP’s flipping breakers at the Skytrain OMC, what is this guy trying to pull?

    If the finger needs to be pointed, it needs to be pointed at deflecting responsibility for funding Translink. But everyone already knows that the entire reason Translink Exists, is because when Victoria (BC Transit) was running it, nothing was getting done. Let’s not return to that.

  2. Typical leftist response. Their solution is to reward failure with more money.

    If we hand these people more money we will just create bigger failure. After all, these were the so-called experts that told us the Golden Ears bridge would turn a profit

  3. There’s the Nitwit NDP logic that I know and despise …..when ever there’s a problem to be fixed throw money at it ….lots of money .

    Thank God Dix showed his true colours during the election

    • If you payed attention at all you would have heard the electrician was ordered to do that by a supervisor.
      How would you fix the computer meltdown without paying for a back up system, it seems some of you think a computer company will give Skytrain a backup system for free.

      • Are you saying that a supervisor told the electrician to pull the wrong breaker?

        You actually believe that, and that Management would just suspemd the worker? If you do bud, you have some seriuos issues in life!

  4. With Translink record of bad spending decisions- why would anyone think throwing more money will solve anything.
    The Evergreen card is the latest Translink fiasco.
    As I recall they were supposed bring in something to mitigate fare evasion.
    Instead we will eventually end up getting this high tech and highly expensive payment system that does nothing to address fare evasion.

  5. There’s more than enough funding for translink the problem is how the BC Liberals are distributing the funding…
    Just for starters the four top executives at TransLink all received pay raises last year.

    2011 2012 with pension and benefits
    CEO Ian Jarvis $382,954 $394,730 $438,700
    COO Doug Kelsey $329,936 $336,729 $377,054
    CFO Cathy McLay $285,481 $294,877 $330,753
    EVP Bob Paddon $244,699 $273,889 $307,857
    While the total bill for staff making less than $75,000 a year stayed consistent at $15.4 million last year, the cost for those making more than $75,000 jumped 18 per cent, from $33.5 million to $39.5 million, the CTF noted.

    The numbers include the Transit Police, which saw 58 of its 166 members – take home more than $100,000 in 2012.

  6. unreal George come on why does the N.D.P. always think money will solve everything? spend spend spend I hope we never let the N.D.P. get a hold of the purse strings of this province again.

    • I guess you refuse to face the fact that these brightest and best are friends of the BC Liberals and you also fail to acknowledge the provincial debt has more than tripled to 60 billion under the BC Liberal command.
      Why don’t you point to the financial incompetence of your party, the BC Liberals.

      • You’ve obviouly forgotten that the NDP almost ran BC into the ground in the few short years they held the purse strings. It’s pretty hard to refute that isn’t it? The BC Liberals have their mistakes, but there’s just no comparison when it comes to both party’s handling of BC’s finances and that’s an internationally known fact.

  7. More funding for wages and benefits, as always with the NDP . More funding will ensure that no one will ever make a mistake. The NDP is a one trick pony-just spend baby. Where is the money to come from? Who cares. Borrow and then tax the hell out of everyone. These people are idiots.

  8. Heaven forbid the NDP demand an investigation to confirm if the 1-billion translink gets annually is being spent responsibly. No, their answer to everything is spend, spend, spend.

  9. The good OLD NDP solution to Every Problem is “Throw Money In or AT the problem” and watch it all come right.

    Please NO more money spent of useless government programs. Its time the TAXPAYERS said Enough is enough.

  10. More nonsense appearing in an emotional response to the truth that Translink is being underfunded. The province decides what to built and when to build it-often over the objections of local government. To keep its costs down, big transit projects are built bare-bones without consideration for efficiency of operation (no fare gates) and without consideration for safe maintenance. Then the transit projects and its problems are downloaded on the local taxpayers who now have to decide how much more we are going to pay for the white elephants.

    Isn’t it amazing despite the dissing of the NDP calling for an independent review, Translink CEO and Todd Stone now support the NDP?

    Who in their right mind would build a power distribution system that puts all its eggs in one basket? Who would build a transit system that loses its communications lifeline when the power system fails? Have they not heard of the idea of powering the trains separately from communications?

    Who in their right mind would allow and direct maintenance to be performed on a vital electrical component(s) while the system is operatinal? Was safety lock-out of the electrical system a requirement and did the worker have to trip the main breaker in order to ensure his life and safety?

  11. As I said before. dissolve the Translink, let privatize it. transit for one, get back to the highway office for the lower mainland. don’t need these high paid executives, CEO and what ever they can get the $$$$$ from our taxes. and don’t need high pay Translink police, just to check fare cheaters. give this back to the local police, there is far too many police officer around to do this job.

  12. The way they carried on about people on the tracks , the inexperiance of Maintance , while working on the circut breakers , when the system is in operation , caseing a 4 hour black out
    And now no back up on the computer , ,
    This is an overly expensive peace of crap , That is poorly designed , and managed .

  13. Before giving them more money fire the board of directors and all the top management with cause and no severance. That is all the group deserves. Crusty step up to the plate and fire them. Please.

  14. TransLink does NOT need more money. Their responsibilities need to be reduced to stickily public transportations ONLY. They can cut huge amounts of fat by concentrating on just public transportation.

    Once they get that right, maybe, just maybe give TransLink additional responsibilities.