Update: Edgewater Casino expansion will not include more games

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Update: Edgewater Casino expansion will not include more games

Two days ago Vancouver City Council announced they voted to place a restrictive covenant on the Edgewater Casino property allowing no more gambling than what is already at the casino – no matter the expansion.

Now, Paragon Gaming’s Tamara Hicks, explains Paragon has heard the voices of Vancouver City Council and Mayor and has been planning a new home for its 650 employees, and the existing games games.

All this, Hicks explains, in hopes of keeping the community employed and proud.


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  1. If Vision Vancouver (aka Hallucination Vancouver) was being honest, they would insist that the casino be closed down. People will gamble. They will go where ever they can to gamble. So, restricting gambling in Vancouver has no practical effect, aside from optics (the Hallucinators can pat themselves on the backs for being so virtuous). Anyone who wants more machines can simply hop on Skytrain (assuming it is working) and to out to Richmond where the River Rock is very handy and has lots of machines.

  2. “…has been planning a new home for its 650 employees, and the existing games.” (unquote)

    Those words are somewhat cryptic and suggest Paragon will take its bat and ball home (elsewhere) in response to the pre-emptive City of vancouver restrictive covenant. But perhaps, they are scaling down the floor space intended for slot expansion. Who knows?

    If Paragon moves elsewhere, the much-touted business plan, which justified the $600 million retractible roof and modernization of BC Place evaporates. The economic viability of the BC Place was predicated on an entertainment and hotel complex being built immediately adjacent. It would be interesting if BCLC and the government would allow Paragon to move.

    Having said that, Paragon’s response cannot be taken to the bank. That Paragon will make an application to increase gaming at BC place is a matter of ‘when’ -not ‘if.’

    At any rate, we, the taxpayers, cannot afford to throw more tax dollars into the BC Place hole forever.

    • Once again your insite is Baffle-gab . . . BC Place is pretty impressive . . . as is the Convention Center . . .

      On the other hand Site . . . where are your gangs Fast Ferries today? Sailing in the mythical loonie-bin of Socialism . . .

      If you don’t like casinos don’t go to one . . . why does the far-left always want to restrict freedoms, enterprise and fun?

      • Yea, it sucks that the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps games are SOOOO undersold. He’ll defend and see the underlining view of the socialist alike, but insist those on the contrary are wrong. The bias is there and it’s clear.

  3. CKNW nukes my comments that respond to personal attacks from commonsense and others. I will try again.

    Like Michael Campbell, I notice the lack of thoughtful and informed debate on the part of certain posters-especially commonsense and Ronnie (today’s list). But that is not at all unexpected. Their “trained-seal” responses say it all.

    Like Michael Campbell, I am attacked because my perspectives are based on an analysis of the facts. Somehow it makes certain posters uncomfortable. And I am not about to agree with them to avoid being attacked.

    Like Michael Campbell, I don’t give a SH*T about what you think of me. When you attack me, it relieves other readers on this site from the agony of reading stupid comments on an issue.

    Bring it on. I enjoy getting under your skin. Hopefully, CKNW will allow thoughtful posters to respond to their nonsense.