Shortage of pot for peddlers in Bellingham

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Shortage of pot for peddlers in Bellingham

Selling legal pot.

A business that started off booming in Washington.

But John Evich with Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham says while business is still moving, things are tough right now.

“We had to close our doors because we ran out of product. I think some people kept their doors open and sold pipes and things like that but our staff were just so exhausted from just how hard we worked to get the doors open that early, we just decided that we’d end up closing.”

However, he says while his doors were closed last Thursday and will be open for shorter hours this weekend, he’s optimistic business will pick up.

Evich says his customers have been understanding about the high price legal pot is going for.

He says part of the issue is people just didn’t realize how expensive it would be to run a legal, up-to-code grow room.




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  1. I don’t under why the price is so high , it takes about 10 or 15 dollers to grow an once , not 50 or 100 , And if i it’s legal why not some high grade out side grown , could be alot cheeper .
    This is a good example of what it could be like if big business was controle the Medical Cannabis , the price will be so high , that people won’t be able to aford it any more ,
    Profit comes first with these guys , and to hell with the pashent ,

  2. One would think the Government was at least smart enough to charge low prices to start with, put the illegal growers out of business, and then jack the prices up. But, oh no, the Government is so greedy they’ll keep people buying the illegal stuff right out of the chute !! At least illegal growers will like this, if no one else.