Festival of 30 years looking for a new home

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Festival of 30 years looking for a new home

The annual “Powell Street Festival” is looking for other venues with the homeless refusing to leave Oppenheimer Park on the downtown eastside.
Festival General Manager Kristen Lambertson says they respect the concerns of the homeless and don’t support the eviction order ordered by the City of Vancouver last week.

“We’re not here to take a position or to participate in the protest, we have a festival to put on but we do definitely recognize that there are many issues at play and we emphasize with the homeless and the community residents of the Oppenheimer Park area.”

The Festival has been held in Oppenheimer Park for over 30 years.


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  1. Shouldn’t the protestors move and not the festival? What nonsense is GM Lambertson sprouting by saying they don’t support the eviction notice? Perhaps she would feel differently if the protestors camped on her front lawn.

    Which is not out of the question considering Mayor Moonbeam off the wall comment that Vancouver is “unceded territory”. Now the aboriginals have picked up on the irresponsible comments of the mayor.

    How can we get rid of this clown of a mayor who is almost certain to be re-elected?

  2. When I was working I had to commute in rush hour for an average of three hours a day as we could not afford to live in Vancouver. Now a guy on the Bill Good show says people that I have to subsidize have every right to live downtown on my and your tax dollars. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture??

  3. Not mentioned is the fact that Nikkei community leaders, who believe in the human rights movement, respect the First Nations cause.

    Therefore this response by the Powell Street Festival organizers to the camp-in at Oppenheimer Park is very appropriate.