Police to look out for drones at Celebration of Light

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Police to look out for drones at Celebration of Light

As massive crowds gather to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks this summer, hundreds of police officers will be on patrol.

And while they’ll be looking out for the usual things — unruly people, anyone drinking in public — something new could cause problems.

“This is the first year that the issue of drones being flown into fireworks has come up.”

While Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu wouldn’t say whether their safety plan for the fireworks includes drones, he says police will do their research.

RCMP Insp. Bryon Massie says drones could interfere with police helicopters.

“There are some provisions, but again, you’re dealing with some behaviour of individuals that sort of lacks common sense.”

The fireworks start tomorrow night on English Bay with Team USA.


  1. I don’t know why CKNW always uses VPD as their go to for clarification.

    Police are charged with enforcement of Criminal Code and Motor Vehicle Act enforcement. Drones are a Transport Canada jurisdiction .

    VPD has proven over and over again that when public myths perpetuated by profit driven organizations (CKNW) are accepted as facts, VPD invokes THEIR will and THEIR discretion .
    It brings to mind a the incident where a man that was walking through the West End on a fireworks night to a dinner party had the wine that he was asked to bring to the party seized.
    That was similar to the incident where the brother of a bride in Kelowna years ago was delivering $2000 of liquor to his sister’s reception hall on her wedding day on the same day as The Regatta and had it seized. It turned out to be a life long memory for the bride whose wedding ended by 6:30 PM for lack of interest.