Is attendance at the Lions den dwindling?

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Is attendance at the Lions den dwindling?

It will be interesting to see how the BC Lions draw tonight at home against the Winnipegs.

It is their first evening game of the season and the club is honouring one of their greatest players in 60 years of football, Geroy Simon.

Will we see a bump in attendance?

Graced with a 3 & 4 o’clock kickoffs for their first two home games on Saturday afternoons, the teams’ pre-season game with Calgary had more bums in seats.

Summer football has always been tough in Vancouver, but they can open the roof now.

Last weekend the team claimed 25,000 were on hand, but watching on TV, their network partner did not do them any favours with pictures that showed swaths of empty seats.

The other football tenant at the former dome also plays at 4 o’clock, at times. They boast they have the best sporting atmosphere in the city. The flags are waving, the crowd is chanting and the lower bowl is full with the grey curtains drawn.

It looks fun!

By the way, I think the gang at the Nat is number two in the fun category.

People that have been at BC Place for the Caps & Leos in the last couple of weeks say it’s not even close. The Whitecaps provide more of a festive fan experience.

The soccer team has a younger demographic at its games and multiple supporters groups. They have energy.

You don’t get that sense at Lions contests, but you do when you watch games from the prairies.

I hope the Lions are not getting complacent. That was not a word in the late Bob Ackles vocabulary.

The Canucks are preaching and have provided big change. They want you back.

The Whitecaps have a solid core base of fanatics and the Canadians are winning awards for being the minor league franchise of the year.

Winning always helps, but you cannot rely on it.

Like his football team in Toronto right now, BC owner David Braley probably does not want to be at the back of the pack.


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