Translink to launch a review after skytrain meltdowns

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“We need to take situations like this and learn from them and get better next time in responding and meeting our customer’s needs.”

That’s the head of Translink in response to the two shutdowns in the past eight days of the Skytrain system.

Ian Jarvis announcing he’s launching a review into both incidents, and he is bringing in outside help to do it.

“How can we avoid patrons making the decision to escape the trains and go to the stations on their own and secondly how can we get better at communication to the customers who are impacted by the incidents.”

He’s looking for the review to be wrapped up by mid-September

Jarvis says Translink needs to take stock and learn from what happened to see what changes need to be made.

He says he was stunned to see images on Monday of customers walking along Skytrain tracks.

“I found that very disconcerting and was worried when I saw images of that. It’s really fortunate that no one was hurt in those two significant outages.”

Jarvis also says it’s clear Translink needs to improve communications.

“Really getting better at having more, better coordinated and clear messages to our customers who are on the system at that time.”

The Translink boss says he apologizes for the impact on the thousands of stranded passengers.


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  1. What a waste of money! Replace the management at Translink, they are doing a lousy job! Oh yeah, and that token “free day” Aug. 1st being offered up as an apology for our “inconvenience”, what a joke! The majority of workers in the downtown area who were affected use monthly transit passes, so a “free day” is worthless to them. How about a discount on August’s transit pass?

  2. I hope he means mid September, 2014. It speaks volumes for the “management” of Translink that they have no automatic plan for situations where the system fails and people are trapped in the cars. Even if it is no more than an audio communication system to the cars giving people real time information as to the status of the problem and what they should/should not do. These people belong to the public sector “just keep throwing money at it” crowd, who spend a lot of time making sure they do very well when it comes to wages,benefits and severance.