It’s still safe to get on a plane, Dutch aviation safety expert says

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It's still safe to get on a plane, Dutch aviation safety expert says

An aviation safety expert is reassuring travelers nervous about flying, saying it’s still safe to get on a plane, after a third major passenger crash has been reported in recent days.

“There’s indeed a rash of accidents at this specific month, but looking at the entire year it’s still very, very safe.”

Harro Ranter with the Aviation Safety Network in the Netherlands says fewer planes have gone down so far this year, compared to the same period over the last 10 years.

“Smaller accidents do happen all year round without anyone paying very much attention to those accidents. But still – if you look at this month – there have been quite some high-profile and some really serious accidents that have occurred.”

Ranter says he wouldn’t hesitate getting on a plane with his family.


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  1. Too bad Malaysian Airlines didn’t take the necessary steps to fly its aircraft away from a war zone and out of harm’s way like other airlines.

    After one disaster, Malaysian Airlines should have used common sense and adopted the precautionary principle. As a result, 295 innocent people died.

    Of course, it is safe to fly. But it requires carriers to pay attention to where danger lurks and avoid such air space-especially a war zone occupied and supported by a country that cannot be trusted and is known to be violent and undemocratic. Airliners try to and do avoid extremeweather-why not war zones?

    A preventable tragedy….

    Of course, there are those who will encourage flying through was zones.

    • Too bad the International Aviation folks didn’t declare the area unsafe !
      Several airlines altered their flight paths . . . Malaysia Air did not . . .

      But who knew Putin was going to give the Russian backed, Russian led so-called rebels a sophisticated hi-altitude missile system capable of taking down aircraft at 30 and 40 thousand feet. This system required experts to operate it . . . and Putin owns this mess.

      Yesterday, according to the US State Department, the Russians were firing missiles and heavy guns from the Russian side.

      According to the Russians, Putin’s own aircraft traversed the same region just a few hours before the shoot down . . . why were they not concerned? Because they were in control of the missiles. There was also an unconfirmed video of a missile launcher, with two missiles fired, on the back of a Russian military flatdeck heading for the Russian Border the next morning . . .

      • CNN carried a story on hoe 290 civilians died when the US Navy MISTAKENLY shot down an IRanian airliner in the Persian gulg.

        This fact backs up my perpective that civilian aircraft must apply the precautionary rule and avoid air space over a war zone..

        In fact, certain criteraia such as minimum altitude was prescribed over EAstern Ukraine. Every airline, except Malaysian, decided not to fly over Eastern Ukraine. Similarly, Air Canada delayed landing at Tell Aviv EVEN after the US declared the airport safe.

        There is no sense speculating why some planes like Putin’s military planes were not shot down. An expanation may be that Putin aircraft are equipped with transponders and a IFF. IFF is an accronym for “Identification-Friend or Foe” which incidently was on the CF-105 Arrow which I worked on. Even if a civilian aircraft was so equipped, it is doubtfull that they have access to ever-changing codes.

        I’m sure that countries (and their businesses) know far more than you or I about the potential dangers of dealing with Russia and its allies. If that knowledge was adequately assimmilated and employed by Malaysian Airlines, 298 people would be alive today.

        All the current blame assessed against Russia isn’t going to bring those poor souls back. The evidence certainly points to a SAM under the control of inssurgents that brought the plane down. No dispute there.

        Whether it was intentional (deliberate), intentional due to an error in identification or a result of a trigger-happy mad-man is yet to be determined.

        Since this is an international incident, the chances are that we will know the entire story are low and none. BTW, the US has consistently stated its right to defend itself-as it should. Why should the US Navy ignore a fast-approaching aircraft? While it paid out over $50 million to the surviving kin, it expressed regret, no apology.

        The story of MH17 will unfold in similar fashion.