Vancouver Board of Trade backs Aquarium

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Another voice is weighing on the controversy over how the Vancouver Aquarium should operate going forward.

David Crawford with the Vancouver Board of Trade says the Aquarium’s policies on cetaceans are reasonable , science based and should remain as they are.

He says the Aquarium is an amazing success story a cultural institution that doesn’t take a dime of government money.

“It generates more than 40 million dollars in indirect annual economic impact for the city including almost nine million dollars in tax revenue and including more than a million dollars for the City of Vancouver itself.”

Crawford says when it comes the aquarium policy on cetaceans it’s simple.

“The conditions that the Aquarium operates are reasonable and for more than 18 years they Aquarium has not captured wild whales or dolphins and the dolphins or whales that are there you can’t simply release them into the wild because they would perish.”

A public park board meeting on the issue will take place Saturday.

You can register to speak HERE