Another Skytrain problem – this time in Richmond

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Another Skytrain problem – this time in Richmond

For the second day in a row and the fourth time in a week, there has been a problem with Skytrain.

This time its the Canada Line in Richmond, that stopped completely for 15 minutes shortly after 7:30am.

Jeremy Rogers is a frustrated commuter.

“I’m at the Brighouse Canada Line Station and everyone’s been kicked off the trains. There seems to be a power outage, something at Templeton Station caused the problem. There’s going to be a bus bridge but there’s no buses. And not one Canada Line attendant is here.”

The power came back on and Canada Line trains started moving again in Richmond 15 minutes later.

(photo credit: @Pinkypostivenu)


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  1. How fast is that referendum coming again? And TransLink and many of our mayors want yet more of OUR money to spend; after all, they are doing such a wonderful job with what they are taking already. Would I be overstating it if I said get rid of the whole works of them and start again from the ground up? In the upcoming municipal/city elections will you vote for a candidate that supports this abuse of our tax dollars? Just askin!
    You folks really have to get active and at least get out and vote in big numbers.

  2. Where is Kelsey? I was looking forward to his next arrogant, like it or lump it statement. I can’t believe there is no redundancy in the system, or at least one that works.