Admire teachers not gangsters

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Admire teachers not gangsters

The police officer in charge of curbing gang violence across BC admits he’s worried about being too successful.

“Now’s not the time to change the path. My fear is that we’re going to be driven by those statistics.”

Dan Malo WITH the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, says 2013 had the lowest gang violence on record.

“As our kids get older every year, we have got to keep focusing on them. If we stop, they are going to make bad decisions and they are going to move towards what we saw in 2007 and 2008 and we don’t want that ever ever repeated again.”

Malo was speaking at a sold-out conference on gang violence prevention where he also said well-known gangsters like accused Surrey Six ringleader Jamie Bacon need to be kept behind bars the rest of their lives.

Instead of idolizing gangsters, young British Columbians are being told to admire more noble professions like teaching.

Malo doesn’t think it’s naive to dole out that advice.

“If we have no hope, we don’t have anything. When you sit down with some of these people and the community leaders and you see how passionate they are, you can’t help, but be as passionate. If they have a mentor that makes good decisions for them and they start migrating towards that, those are the kids we’re not going to deal with later in life.”

Amy Coady of Nanaimo is a young delegate from Nanaimo who took part in a positive thinking workshop.

“I’m very shy usually and I don’t really like to talk in front of people and this is really weird that I actually volunteered to talk to you because that’s not like me, but it kind of got me out of my shell. We all kind of seem to have the same outlook on racism and sexism and stuff, so it was good.”

Coady says the support she’s received since getting in trouble with police has her now thinking of becoming a psychologist.


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  1. I think Teachers are a bad example of whom to admire at the moment. One of gangsters basic tools is extortion and Teachers are using the same tool at the moment. Perhaps Policemen, Firefighters or Paramedics would have been a better example at the moment.

    • This comment is idiotic! Extortion? Seriously? I remember my teachers fondly, with only a few being the exception. I agree with you that Policemen et al. should be admired, but the teachers are in a labor dispute – give them a break.

      • You don’t seem to understand the definition of “extort”. Perhaps this may help you out. I’m not saying it’s illegal or wrong. The Policeman used Teachers as an example of someone to admire compared to gangs and I’m pointing out a flaw in his example. Please, try not to be so touchy about the truth.

        to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force, torture, threat, or the like

    • And I would not be surprised if you also suggested that teachers adopt another strategy employed by gangsters. That would place you several notches down on the ladder-bottom rung of a ladder in a deep hole.

      Even gangsters have more class than you as you are actually serious with your comments.

      • My goodness we’re touchy. Whether you like it or not that’s what is happening with the BCTF. I’m not saying it’s particularly wrong as it goes on all the time. Our Politicians are extortionists. They don’t kill you if you don’t pay they just take all your worldly goods and put you in jail. The gentleman in the article used Teachers as an example and I’m just pointing out that they’re not the best example at the moment.

        • The irony of my post, was that I posted it prior to your post being posted.
          As soon as I read the story (before there were any posts), I knew that teacher haters would take a story that had very little to do with teachers (other than the title) and try to use it to somehow shame teachers.
          As predicted, your post came in at the same time, and as predicted, some people felt compelled to defend themselves, even though I wasn’t specifically saying that anyone of them was a teacher hater !

          • No. The real irony is that this story is about the success of a well run program that’s making a real difference for youth and gang violence but you just chose to use it as a place to prop up your feeble little soapbox. The officer wasn’t making a statement on the teachers dispute but rather on showing the importance of choosing worthy role models rather than destructive ones. That message seems to have gone right over your head – or maybe you’re just shallow.

  2. Hey all you teacher haters, find some creative way to try to shame teachers out of this story.
    You teacher haters are so “predictable”! Or should I say “pathetic”. LOL

    • I’m not a Teacher hater (I have Teachers who are friends) but the example was used in the story and I’m just pointing out the realities of the situation at the moment. And “pathetic” is not looking at reality. Not sure why you Teachers are so touchy about the truth. After all, it’s your leadership that has led you to this point. Try, if you can, to learn to live with reality.

    • Teacher haters? Some people may disagree with some decisions made by the BCTF but I wouldn’t go as far as saying a large percentage of people ‘hate’ teachers. Please avoid negative assumptions. I get the impression some people create hate over false assumptions but it’s all in their mind.