Women’s advocate questions government’s $40,000 violence prevention video

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Women's advocate questions government's $40,000 violence prevention video

The head of Women Against Violence Against Women wants to know if a $40,000 video funded by the provincial government on violence against women in the workplace is a joke.

The B.C. jobs ministry has announced a video, funded in part by the province and energy company Encana, that will be shown to workers involved in resource extraction to prevent violence against women.

Executive director Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer says she is dumbfounded that with 13 women attacked by their partners so far this year – 11 of them killed – the government has said and done so little, and yet now announced this video.

“The message has been a deafening silence. We don’t know that leaders have our backs and that is disheartening.”

Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer says the province needs to start making the same investment in violence prevention as they are in resource extraction.


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  1. I think the government needs to hire a bunch of paranormal persons specializing in crystal ball gazing in an attempt to predict which citizen is about to commit violence to their partner. This Crystal Gazing group could be appended to each Police Agency for maximum timeliness in reporting. Of course any indication by one crystal gazing person must have at least two others, plus the Chief Gazer to verify findings before they launch the police!
    It is almost impossible for any government agency to predict violence by a person against another person, especially given the flawed Canadian Charter of Rights.

  2. So Ms T. where should the money come from. How about take a few million from what the province is offering the teachers. How about asking all the public sector workers kick in a couple of hundred dollars. I’m sure that’ll go over real good with those unions. Guess it’s back to asking the tax payers who are already tapped out. It’s easy to ask for money, another thing to find so done yo pay it.

    • You of the right sure love to call the no money slogan when people need some funding for a good reason, but the cupboards are bare, Why? You all profess we are doing just great and so much better than any other province.Here they cut and hacked funding and programs to balanced the budget and we have no money or are we broke or just have billions in hand for LNG, but still have Child poverty, homelessness, violence against anyone, CEO’s on the Taxpayer dime getting thousands of dollars more that the governments own policies allow, but we have no money. Seems you people come here with the same rant and slogans, how in the hell are we going to be able to afford the Recalls coming in November 17th 2014? Oh they can borrow the money as they so for all their other pet projects, as kids go Hungry! Recall, coming sooner that you think!

      • ken where did you hear there was money? Do you know what a balanced budget is? Everyone wants just a little bit. Say Ms T wants a few million to tell battered women not to go back to the abuser, the bctf wants few extra million for some massages and a few extra bereavement days, mayor robertson needs 10 million, for now, to house the homeless and he’ll need more when the next batch hear how good it is out west, translink needs more buses, now I hear mid wife’s are looking for more money, and I could go on. Start adding up a few mill here, 10 mill there and before you know it you’ve blown your budget up by 100 million plus. Pet projects, let’s see the Port Mann bridge, now at least a bus can get over it and people aren’t waiting 60 minutes to drive 2 miles, BC Place employs an awful lot of people, union too, and keeps a bunch of small business’s open. But these are capital projects and do a lot for the people of the province. Nobody in this province wants to pay for anything in particular public sector workers, even though they get the biggest benefit from taxes. When you get ndp ers like chandra herbert trying to throw up more road blocks than the VPD at Christmas and trying to slow any type of economic stimulus in this province then the only other source for money is the tax payer, and we know how much people like to pay taxes, in particular the public sector unions and people like you who are demanding more, more more!!!

  3. Which LIE BERAL lacky made $40,000 out of this waste of money??????
    A video will sure to be stopping this kind of stuff.
    And have they said if the women is supposed to watch it or the man??
    Anyway, I’m sure it was a good thing to spend 40 G’s on if your a good little LIE BERAL on the receiving side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m thinking the video must have been made with real people as videos made by/for the BC liberals with stick men cost around 5 million dollars. or could that be a sign of where the BC Liberals priorities or tax spend tax spend

  4. What a waste of money! You can find independent video makers on Youtube that make better videos for free! This money would have been better spent helping the homeless or disabled. They could have hired some aspiring Youtube video makers for a few hundred bucks which they would do just for the sake of recognition.

  5. This is modern government 101. The measure of a government that “cares” about any particular issue is how much they spend on, or “invest” in, the issue. If you look at the education dispute, one of the complaints is that everyone else spends more money on “education” (i.e. anything paid for from the education budget-such as topping up pension plans), than BC does. Solution-spend more. First rule of politics. The USA spends more on education, per capita than anyone-and gets poor outcomes.

    Now, they can probably find some pinhead from a university (aka “independent consultant”-such people are very important when it comes to applying the rules of modern government 101) to explain why such videos are worthwhile and so this is money well spent. The debate then degenerates into the typical “our increased spending is better than your increased spending” and in the end everyone tunes it all out. Meaningless drivel. Government is too big, promises too much, delivers too little.

  6. This is actually pretty honourable, considering that it is the BC Libs investing in something that doesn’t bring cash back to them and their corporate friends. I know that it was only $40,000, but they could have easily put that toward their own larger than life dining and travel expenditures.
    It sounds like they actually asked/required their corporate friends to put some money toward this $40,000 video. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Bigwig Libs actually reprimand the individual in their Jobs Ministry that gave the OK to spend money on something of moral value. From a Pro-Corporate Greed Government, this act was not very prudent!
    But accidents happen, let’s all hope some more moral slip ups come the way of the less fortunate BC Citizens.
    And more importantly, shame on any man that commits an act of violence toward a woman or child; the true epitome of cowardice.