Nanaimo woman tackles, thwarts man’s break and enter attempt

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Nanaimo woman tackles, thwarts man's break and enter attempt

A would-be thief in Nanaimo got a little more than he bargained for when he decided to break and enter into a woman’s home on Sunday night.

Jamie Fawcett was asleep at 2 a.m. when she heard glass breaking from her window.

“I thought maybe my cats jumped up and maybe knocked a whole bunch of glasses over so I went to the back of the house, see a guy hanging half out my window. And then I yell at him ‘What are you doing?’ and then he jumped out my window. I had no shoes on or anything, but I ran after him out the back door.”

Fawcett encountered the man a short time later and tackled him to the ground with a foot sweep, and with the help of a male driver managed to call 911 and arrest him.

The thief now faces one charge of break and enter.


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  1. So physical violence was used to subdue an individual after an attempted break in ? The judge is going to commiserate with the perp and throw the book at Ms Fawcett for using excessive force !

      • such a short memory … think about what happened in Toronto with the Chines grocery store owner who tackled the shop lifter a few years ago . He was initially charged with assault !

      • “Harpers List” . . . what you mean is the “Law” pass by the Parliament of Canada . . . and then limp-liberal Judges think they know better than the law.

        The majority of crime done in Canada is done by a small number of people . . . so if we just keep the Revolving Doors rotating, we keep the criminals out on the street doing crime.
        Of course it keeps the judges and lawyers employed . . . yes !

        • It’s interesting to watch how Judges play both sides of the street….when they get criticized for imposing sentences that are too lenient they note that they are limited by precedent and the existing laws…..but when laws are enacted giving them the authority to pronounce stiffer sentences they claim that the laws are invalid because the sentences contravene human rights codes. I’m not sure what Harper can do…but it’s clear that the Judges consider that they have the moral responsibility to rise above the short sighted demands of the rabble and provide liberal minded government !