Vancouver Ukrainians protest against Russian military intervention in Ukraine

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Vancouver Ukrainians protest against Russian military intervention in Ukraine

As Russia’s military actions continue against Ukraine, with Pro-Russian rebels shooting down two Ukrainian fighter jets 35 kilometers away from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Vancouverites took to the street today.

Members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress protested outside the Russian Consulate in Vancouver.

They chanted “Putin’s terror, Russia’s shame.”

“We are here to protest against what Putin is doing against Ukraine, and now all of the other countries that were involved in the airline disaster.”

“We are here to show support for Ukraine, and Ukrainian people.”

“It’s about democracy around the world.”

“It is very emotional.”

The Vancouver-based group was divided when asked if Canada is doing enough.

“I think they’ve done an incredible job to fight for democracy and freedom.”

“At the rate the Ukrainian aircraft are being shot down, especially Ukrainian helicopters, we will be needing helicopters; we will need military equipment.”

“Canada is doing what it can, it’s the European countries that need to be doing alot more.”

“I would like to see military support in Ukraine.”

Canada announced this week it will slap more sanctions against Russian individuals and entities, including government agencies.

Canada has so far imposed sanctions against 110 Russian individuals and entities.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down by a suspected surface-to-air missile last week, with the loss of 298 lives.


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  1. It has been proven that politically biased and inaccurate text changes have been made to the Wikipedia page about the MH777 flight….originating from a computer in a Russian controlled media outlet .

    Putin and his henchmen are today’s version of Stalin and Beria .

    If lightweights like Trudeau can’t see past the surface polish and see the monster underneath , then Canada and the rest of the world is in trouble.

  2. Putin is a KGB thug . . . a despot who would luv to revive the ole Soviet Empire.
    Putin alone is responsible for supplying the missile and launcher, and the experts to man it, that shot down the Malaysia airliner.
    The US could have supplied Ukraine with jammers and an old Awack plane to monitor the Ruskies, but the US pres. is busy with fundraisers.
    Long past time for the Europeans to step up . . . Harper seems the only statesman on the planet these days.

  3. MH 17 was most likely shot down down by due to a grave mistake. Parts of the fuselage which I saw indicate that whatever brought it down was an external event as indicated by the many holes.

    Any commercial airline that chooses to fly over a war zone places itself in harm’s way. 20/20 hindsight would suggest that Malaysian Airlines should have directed its flights to avoid the war zone over Eastern Ukraine as did virtually every other commercial airline.

    In 1988, the US Navy shot down by mistake an Iranian commercial airline which ventured into a war zone in the Persian Gulf. Some 290 were killed.

    In both cases, those responsible may have concluded that the approaching planes represented a threat and took what they considered appropriate defensive measures. Both the US Navy and the Russian-supported insurgents were equipped with SAMs which were available to be deployed in event of a threat.

    Having said that, the shooting down of MH 17 was most tragic. But, it could have been averted if the the precautionary principle had been employed by Malaysian Airlines rather than attempting to save money by taking the shorter flight path. Too often shortcuts go astray in the interests of money. What was the government of Malaysia thinking having already lost an airliner due to unexplained reasons?

    If Harper is being regarded as a the only statesman on this planet. I would hate to see him in the role of a war monger. In my opinion, a statesman would be working the phone lines and the diplomatic channels to resolve this war. Kerry of the US would qualify as a statesman-not Harper- Kerry is working relentlessly to stop the blood shed in the Gaza Strip.

    • You make this disaster sound like an “oops”. Look at all the horrific violence of the past few months by these same Russian backed rebels and the terrible fear so many Ukranians are living with. Look at how they’ve surrounded and tampered with the crash site and trampled on the completely innocent dead and grieving loved ones! These are vile terrorists pure and simple. The excuses you’re tossing out are shameful.

    • Site is usually short on logic and long on excuses . . .

      This was NO accident . . . was is stupid . . . you bet, but the Russian military has its hands all over this.

      Kerry “Lurch” a statesman . . . LOL Just like ole Hillary was a complete joke . . . so is Lurch. The Egyptians ran him through metal detectors the other day and tried to ignore the clown.
      Ole Lurch gave the Iranians another 4 months and bribed them with their own money . . . over 3 Billion, as the regime has their thousands of centrifuges working day and night producing material for their bombs. Which many experts think they are only months away from completion.
      Kerry has always been a fraud, from his selfies in Nam to his life in Ketchup land.
      Meanwhile his boss is fundraising, while the world burns . . .

      By the way site . . . what’s Justin up to these days . . . seems to have dropped off the planet?

  4. ‘NW clearly supports one one view and nukes dissenting comments. Well, try again….

    Since Ron-26, Chris M are so smart (Dale excepted), they really made my point but certainly did their best not to-but did.

    Since it was known that Russian-backed rebels are so violent and I agree 100 percent, then Malaysian airlines was stupid to continue to place its airliner in harm’s way in a known war zone. And they defend Malaysian Airlines which has lost over 600 passengers in the past 4 months?

    While Ron-26 and Chris M are so smart, they fail to pay attention and cannot analyze why things can and go wrong.

    If they set aside their emotions for an instance, they should understand-but cannot-that this tragedy was preventable.

    There is no honour in being DEAD RIGHT. But Ron and Chris think so.

    Repeat: This tragedy could have been prevented had Malaysia taken appropriate action-like other airlines.

    As for Dale who thinks coal dust from coal trains is sucked back onto the tracks by a vortex….and oil refinery pollutants can be captured–yeah, in his big mouth….