Vancouver places restrictive covenant on Edgewater Casino

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Vancouver city council has gone all in on a motion it bets will hamstring Paragon Gaming’s ability to expand Edgewater Casino.

Green party councillor Adriane Carr says council voted to place a restrictive covenant on the casino property.

“Which will on title be very binding in terms of making sure that the number of slot machines, the number of gaming tables, in other words the amount of gambling that can take place on that property is absolutely restricted to what is in place now.”

Carr says this will be a huge roadblock for Paragon’s plans.

“Despite the fact that paragon is building a larger casino. In fact that casino has under the zoning bylaw a lot more room for expansion of gambling they simply won’t be able to do it. The number of gaming tables, the number of slot machines, the amount of gambling itself is very restricted to what they have got now.”

Carr says the provincial government does have a role to play in gambling, which is covered under provincial legislation, but she feels the city has locked Edgewater down even should the BC Government choose to interfere.

“The province has authority under the gaming act and could have possibly changed that gaming act, which would have allowed it to permit increased gambling this covenant prevents that from happening. It is just one more layer of protection and the strongest layer of protection in the event the province does decide or could decide to do something different and take away some of the city’s authority.”

Paragon Gaming has plans to relocate and double the size of Edgewater casino.

Sandy Garossino,  with Vancouver not Vegas, is ecstatic over the council motion, which she says also includes addressing the Michael Graydon situation

“City council will now be referring the Graydon matter to GPEB for review to see if GPEB might consider imposing some conditions on his term at Paragon gaming.”

GPEB is the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

Michael Graydon was found to be in conflict of interest while moving from the BC Lottery Corporation to a new job with Paragon Gaming.

Garossino says the cap on gaming tables and slot machines hits Paragon Gaming where it hurts.

“It has got to be something that would force their investors to rethink. The casino floor that they are proposing is more than twice the size of any comparable casino. Obviously it is being built with the view of expanding at some point. This restrictive covenant is just a nail in the coffin for them.”

She says the province would face an uphill battle in court if it wanted to challenge the covenant.




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  1. What a joke you’re all falling for. The province already said it wasn’t going to give them more floor space for gaming than it alreayd had. It’s all a political ploy, chumps.

  2. Vancouver City Council has gone where the BCLC board and the provincial government did not. Now it is up to the provincial government to respect the city’s stance on gambling expansion.

    Of course, the province has the power to overturn Vancouver’s restrictive covenant. Interesting times ahead…..

    • I guess you weren’t around 2 years ago. It’s an election year. 3 years ago Moonbeam squashed a casino proposal, then 1 year later turns around in support of a casino expansion BUT not casino gaming expansion. All this is is political showboating for an election.

  3. Velkum to Moscow Vest Komrades!
    Do you applauding seals not understand; today it’s your government (not yours actually – but the wacko flakes government) that is intruding on Paragon; tomorrow perhaps fellow Komrades you vill be doing zumting zat vich your big brother doesn’t approof. Maybe you are listening to zometing or vatching zometing of vich ve don’t approof. Maybe you haf been vatching a subversif, right-ving program, maybe. You vill be punished!
    I sincerely hope that Paragon relocates to another part of the Lower Mainland; taking with it its jobs, taxes and other things that benefit your encampment.

  4. If they are so against the Casino , why not just say no to the whole thing , and be fair with the people of Vancouver .
    It may look good in a James Bond Movie , but in real life they are mostly loosers .
    Just a long arm of the mob , and more broken dreams .

  5. I find it odd that many people who are all in favour of making it easier for people to get stoned and drunk, oppose gambling. If there is one thing we must be short of-stoned and drunk people who have no idea what is going on.

    ChrisM-agreed, no more blood sucking vampires in Vancouver-Vancouver city council wants a monopoly on being blood sucking vampires and hates the competition.

    Bottom line-people who want to gamble will go elsewhere. Other municipalities, Washington State, the internet, etc. Vancouver doesn’t want the business to be there, fine-the company should shut the place down and take the economic activity, jobs, etc elsewhere.

  6. Vancouver will consider to be the no-fun-zone . . .

    The far-left loons on city council want to run your lives . . . who cares how many slot machines or tables the casino has. Fewer tables and machines = fewer jobs and less tax revenue.
    I could care less about gambling as I visit casinos less than once a year . . . but the busy-bodies on council will guarantee that more and more thinking people will locate their businesses out of reach of this nonsense.

    I hear the Casinos in Whatcome County are happy with the decision today . . . . lol

  7. Obviously, some have not and are not paying attention.

    Paragon Gaming is building a casino complex next to BC Place to operate a specific number of slots and tables approved by BCLC. It is the BC government and BCLC which promised no further expansion in gambling. But an existing licensee may relocate subject to local approval. That Paragon is doing except that it is building into its new facility suitable contingent floor space capable of accommodating nearly 3 times the number of slots and tables that it is currently approved to operate.

    Paragon has stated that no further expansion of slots and tables is contemplated.

    In addition to the City of Vancouver taking Paragon’s commitment at face value, it has taken steps to enshrine this commitment in a restrictive covenant in case Paragon changes its mind as well as the provincial government.

    So this move by the city should be regarded strictly as a pre-emptive move to enforce zoning-not driven by our views on gambling, government stripe or having someone else pay for the services that we taxpayers expect from government.

    That said, Paragon has every right to pull up stakes and go elsewhere-like to south Surrey where a “right wing” and “free enterprise” council said NO to a destination casino.

    • “That said, Paragon has every right to pull up stakes and go elsewhere-like to south Surrey where a “right wing” and “free enterprise” council said NO to a destination casino.”

      And the REST of the Story . . . it was a victory by ONE vote.

      But in Surrey the Cloverdale Casino is doing a booming business . . .

      Driven around Surrey and Langley lately Site . . . huge industrial parks are being built . . . business is coming to Surrey and Langley . . . how long till the folks in the office towers start moving east?

      • A major reason the South Surrey mega resort/casino was voted down was that the current transportation infrustructure at the site is very inadequate requiring major improvements and the natural rural neighbouhood would be destroyed. Council was not so much opposed to the gambling issue – although Surrey residents were split. Unlike Vancouver, the current Surrey Council tends to think with more intelligent accountability and less emotionally driven control.

    • It only takes 50 percent plus 1 in a democracy to carry a vote. So one vote to carry a motion within city hall chambers where the number of voters is small is actually significant . Vancouver is to be applauded for derailing a sneaky move on the part of a developer to by-pass zoning designations. It seems clear why Graydon is in charge.

      Obviously the revenue accruing from a proposed destination casino in Surrey did not carry any weight with Surrey Council. The Cloverdale Casino was allowed to subsidize a dying harness-racing industry.

      One has to be naive to believe the South surrey casino was turned down due to lack of infrastructure. If we are paying attention ,a new interchange is nearing completion at 24 avenue on Highway 99. So much for that Fantasy. Fear of destroying the rural character of Surrey is so much garbage.

      If Surrey wants to be a big city, it should move into the 21st century. And look at Newton, the new crime centre of the LM.

      One has to have selective memory as Surrey turned down a casino in Newton under MacCallum. In fact, it would not issue an operating license when the slot machines were already installed. BTW those slots ended up in Cloverdale.

      The real reason the casino was turned down in South Surrey is that Dianne Watt, who lives in South Surrey, heard the voices of opposition against the casino.

      Without getting into the merits of casinos, i would say Vancouver has progressed much further than Surrey in terms of permitting gaming. The Edgewater Casino, moving to BC Place, will be state of the art unlike the race track in Cloverdale.

      • It will be interesting to see if the folks in Vancouver have had enough of the far-left loons running their city . . . in spite of the 100s of millions invested in Vancouver by the Province, city hall continues to make Vancouver a no fun zone.

        There is a huge difference from a casino downtown next to a 60 thousand seat stadium/convention facility and a casino in Newton or South Surrey.

        Vancouver’s civic govt continues to drive business away with regulations and high taxes, going forward two or three decades much of the Vancouver population could be travelling East for jobs.

      • Didn’t the mayors own company leave the city? Take a cruise through Surrey, then cruise through Langley. You will see commerce moving, building, developing and redeveloping. Vancouver is running low on space. Costs are too much. Manufacturing is facing hard marginalization and moving to Surrey and Langley.

        The casino moving next to BC Place will be state of the art because, duh!, it’s new. What’s next? Going to tell me your brand new TV is state of the art compared to your neighbours 15+ year old TV? Weak argument, Insite. Incredibly weak.

        Time to move on, and while you do that take a cruise through Surrey and Langley. You won’t because you’re wrong and like to believe you’re right, but I encourage you to do it.