Environmental group wants microbeads banned to protect beaches

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Environmental group wants microbeads banned to protect beaches

When it comes to your body wash or toothpaste, if it’s got grit, a B.C. group wants it banned.

Matthew Unger with the Surfrider Foundation says microbeads found mostly in Proctor and Gamble products, such as kids’ toothpaste, are tiny granules of plastic, designed to last forever, and they’re wreaking havoc.

“They’re ending up in our food system. They’re ending up in our oceans and in a lot of mammals and even mussels, crustaceans, crabs, lobsters, things like that. There’s a significant amount of toxic accumulation that happens.”

Unger says his environmental is not against plastic, but says the microbeads are simply unnecessary.

So far Unger says the state of Illinois has passed a bill banning the products, while and the European Union and United States are considering similar bans.


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  1. Many states have banned or will be banning these things which the fish end up eating because the beads make it through the filter systems. These were nothing more than a gimmick and do more harm to the environment than anything. Fish are getting sick.

  2. While we are at at it, time to open up new housing options which only allows cave dwelling, no electricity, no heating, no cloths (you can kill animals!), etc. These environmentalist radicals would like us all to just live off the land, become cave persons, and do nothing else. Can’t use natural resources, can’t use energy, can’t drive motor vehicles, can’t fish, can’t use products that enhance human health, can’t do anything that might hurt a twig. I really do tire of these over the top environmental types.

    • Your key comment is they would like us all to live off the land; it excludes them. While we live a troglodyte lifestyle Suzuki, Gore and the boys (and ghouls) live their life of luxury. It’s a case of “I’ve got mine, diddly for you!”

  3. Again we have the “Chicken Littles” of the world – orchestrated by the self-described elite – trying to scare the masses and destroy our way of life. Not an expert specifically in microbeads, but everything I’ve read on the impact of microbeads on the environment so far includes comments like “it might”, “possibly”, “we think/believe” and “it could”. In other words it’s the ‘brain trusts’ trying once again to use scare tactics, innuendos, half-truths and incomplete (at best) data in order to create policy. The only ones being convinced of ‘reported’ severe adverse impacts are the indoctrinated wackos.
    It’s a repeat of Global Warming, Global Ice Age, Mass Starvation and Cannibalism, Oceans Dying, People Dying, Diseases Rampant, Ozone Destroyed, Pesticides Destroying the Ecosystem, Death of All Life On Our Planet, etc. etc. etc. Heard it a million time before; same fiddler just a different tune. Their latest fabrication doesn’t even make sense; it’s a stretch at best.
    As an individual with a science background, I was told – never to fudge results – if you ever do (not that I would) from that point on everything you do will be suspect and credibility lost forever. Sadly the new generation of so-called environmental scientists wear outright lies and fabrications as a badge of honour; credibility, honesty and accuracy seems foreign to them. Science fact has again been replaced by science fiction. Can’t remember who it was (someone either from East Anglia or the UN) who said it is not important that the information is accurate; it’s the motives that are important. What a way to run a railway. Of course the governments love this because it’s another way to create massive layers of bureaucracy to provide jobs (notice I didn’t say work) for their butt-lazy friends and get deeper into the taxpayer’s pocket. Enough already!