Michael Sam tries to land NFL gig

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Michael Sam tries to land NFL gig

I thought once Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh  round of the NFL Draft in May, most of the discussion regarding the his sexuality would fade into the background.

The spotlight is back with the opening of NFL training camps.

Ex-Coach Tony Dungy weighed in, as he said he would not have drafted Michael Sam because of all the attention and the distraction and that things would happen.

The NBC analyst found himself on the Uncommon side of controversy.

He clarified his comments saying Sam should be evaluated on his play and that playing in NFL IS and should be about merit. Dungy believes the media attention would be a huge distraction and he admits & regrets his remarks have played a role in the kerfuffle.

Sam I am took the high road saying he respects Coach Dungy and thank god he is not the St. Louis coach.

The NFL wanted Sam to be drafted and there will be a commotion at camp. Canadian sports networks are even sending reporters to the show me state.

The St. Louis Rams might be ok with the distraction. They play in the best division in the NFL, the NFC West.

Their Franchise quarterback has not lived up to his billing, as Sam Bradford is coming off a season ending knee injury and will have a revamped offence line to protect him.

The Rams defence is their strength. Sam dropped 13 pounds in the last month to try and get faster.  He is playing on the right side instead of left where he played in college. He is a little undersized to play defensive end in the NFL.

Sam and a lot of folks know he faces an uphill battle to make the team.

If it makes you feel better, his college and possible future teammates thinks he is a good guy.

Michael Sam has chosen to be a football player.

Despite others coming out after their playing days, and whether he makes the Rams or not, he will always been known as the first openly gay football player.

Like Tony Dungy who became the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl, Sam is a pioneer.


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  1. I hope he does well and it is a good experience for him, regardless if he makes the team or not. I can’t wait for the day when sexual orientation doesn’t even come into the picture and there isn’t the accompanying media circus. But I digress, I’m not holding my breath for any changes in my lifetime,

  2. Of course one way to have avoided the “circus” was for Mr. Sam to have just said nothing. What he does in his private life, who he does it with, how often, where, in what position, etc are all of interest to some people, but no one should really care. The media circus has been created by the media, who need something to cover with 24/7 “news” needed, so now we have endless discussions about all the various aspects of this issue. If his “orientation” shouldn’t matter, why is every sports channel, etc sending some sports reporter to the Rams training camp to cover a non issue?

    But if the issue is to ensure he gets a fair shot at a NFL job, then just focus on the job right now, which is to do the best he can during spring training. Then, if he makes the team, it is on merit, if he doesn’t it means he wasn’t good enough. Now, if he makes it-some will ask is it just political correctness? If he doesn’t, is he being discriminated against?