Vancouver City Manager: We need more housing for the homeless.

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Vancouver City Manager: We need more housing for the homeless.

Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem has told council the city has to get people off the streets and into – at the very least – interim housing, to keep them from “sleeping rough”

“We believe that is absolutely possible we’ve done the math it’s all laid out but it means that housing that is being built needs to open be properly tenanted and it needs to focus on tenanting people who are sheltered or on the street.”

Just a year remains in Mayor Gregor Robertson’s promise to end street homelessness.

At the March homeless count the city found 18-hundred people still on the streets.


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  1. Comrade Gregor’s old house has room for one or two.
    Or maybe the squatters should get a job and rent a room, why should they be “special”.
    I’m sure the rez could find room for them if they went back home where they belong.

  2. What Ms. Ballems “math” for the homeless always lacks is the built in “build it and they will come” factor. The Left uses “build it and they will come” freely as an excuse not to build or enlarge roads. Why does it not apply to homeless people ??

    • Because they can employ so many of their friends in the not-for-profit and enabler organizations. Mid-high level managers, directors and CEO’s (or the equivalent) in these organizations make an excellent living with relatively little oversight or accountability.

  3. Build it and they will come. And keep coming and coming. It’s a never endless stream. penny ballen seems to think it’s an endless stream on money in this province, and I’m getting tired of having my pocket picked by people who would rather sit around stoned all day than go out and do something productive. Yeah I know there are lots of people with mental problems, but there’s also lots who just want a free ride. Time to send those back to their own homes.

  4. So Penny has done the math… well too bad she didn’t check to see if the people getting their pockets reamed for tax dollars have done their math also …. news flash we are broke Penny and spending even more money on affordable housing is not on my radar !!

  5. We have up to a 2 year wait list for seniors – who have paid taxes for 40 years waiting to get into homes and receive decent care and respect for their remaining years. i don’t think i want 10 cents of my tax dollars sliding into the skids for these assholes.

  6. The nonsense that City Manager Penny Ballem and the rest of the radical socialist tribe must cease! Taxpayers are already spending more than $1 million a day just on the DTES. The radical socialists just think money grows on trees and there for plucking.

    Time to stop this madness. Let us effect programs like workfare, like ‘forced’ rehabilitations to get these laggards off the street.

    Mayor Moonbeam and his crowd along with the other dimmers like COPE are completely clueless. Spend, spend and more spending with out solving anything.

  7. Set up hostles , and seporate the people looking for work , from the bums , just hanging out .
    Years ago they had the Pacific Hostle , and it kept people off the streets . Leave them in the park for now , may be some will make some money and move on .

  8. Note to businesses and those who believe in personal freedom: We would be willing to make room for you here in Delta. We’re not perfect; but we’re not Moonbeam and company. For those stuck in Vancouver; I hope you’re anger at Progressives is turned into votes in the next election. Boy will you guys have a mess to clean up after you clean house.

    • Indeed it should be an interesting Vancouver election.
      Hopefully more than 20 plus percent of the voters bother to show up.
      As for something better- well so far slate is pretty dismal.
      Even the NPA mayoral candidate is spouting more of the same social agenda.

  9. How about retraining and finding these people work somewhere in the province? Why do we need to pay for housing for them? Let’s make them self sufficient, hmmmm? Heck, I’ll quit my job and live on the streets and make the taxpayers give me a free place to live in Vancouver. I certainly can’t afford to live here otherwise. I own my condo in Abbotsford but work in downtown Vancouver.

    • I admire the fact that you have a work ethic. However, you assume ‘the street people’ are similarly blessed and actually want a job and not just ‘free stuff’. A social assistance program should be a temporary hand-up. There comes a time when accepting assistance freely provided by the taxpayer turns into taking advantage of the generosity of others.