Translink COO says independent investigation into skytrain delays not necessary

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Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson clearly not happy with the second shutdown yesterday in a week of the Skytrain System.

Robertson is calling for an independent investigation into both skytrain outages in the past week….

“I’m going to be going to the Translink mayor’s council this week and looking for mayor’s council support of an independent investigation that we put that forward to the Translink Board and Provincial Government, there needs to be as there has been in many other parts of the world when these situations arise, an independent investigation to understand how this happened.”

Robertson also says the health and safety of commuters who were walking along the elevated guide ways was at risk yesterday and he’s not happy either with the lack of communication by Translink.

But Translink COO Doug Kelsey says But that’s not needed.

“…we don’t need an independent body to tell us what the problem is; we know it was human error, and so those are things we embed into our learnings.”

He says most big systems around the world see breakdowns like the one we had yesterday.


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  1. Apparently it was human error an electrician following his supervisors orders , shut down the system yesterday.The electrician gets suspended but the manager gets off scott free , this is typical with weasels for managers that is rampant in Skytrain.
    Managers will always use someone else as a sacrificial lamb being the cowards that managers are.

  2. Kelsey is covering for one of his managers – The electrician touched the equipment, but as in all cases it was ordered by management and is the responsibility of on site supervision.

  3. Atta boy Gregor, you stand up on your hind legs and make a big noise , but I doubt any one will take you seriously !

    Oh I forgot Gregor has a vested interest in public transportation doesn’t he ? It would look bad on him if some of the commuters said “screw it” and got back into their cars

    • Dippers really have no brains and that is why they always ask for an ‘independent’ inquiry. In theory their thinking is that even if Dippers do not understand it, some one will, but the cost and time eludes their flawed socialist thinking, always.

  4. Get over it, It was a breakdown, not a national tragedy, most inconvenience for sure, but an inquiry, when did that ever solve anything and who do you think would pay for that waste of time.

  5. Uh yes there is, but not about the person who caused this, but about HOW translink handles the whole incident! Major fail at communication and backup systems. The way translink gets info out. You can hear the announcements, the website crashed, no buses.. etc. THAT’s the part that needs the inquiry!

  6. Do you mean to tell me , a manager ordered the power shut off on the intire system , for 4 hours , and didn’t tell any one ?
    Talk about shit for brains , give him back his old job , cleaning toilets /

  7. Does it not seem odd that a group that normally spends money like drunken sailors wants to not spend money to investigate this fully?? Why was this man working on this maintenance problem at this time? Who told him to do it ??

  8. Well of course he does not want an investigation. That would show that Translink is completely incapable of running a transit system. No back up plans, no emergency plans, no plan what so ever. There never was a plan. Translink seems to run this service by the seat of their pants. Waste, waste and more waste. Then ask taxpayers to pay for it all. What a joke.

    Translink should be abolished and brought back under MOT. Get rid of the fat cat salaries and the money wasted with the thick layers of bureaucracy.

  9. So “Gridlock Gregor” wants to spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to “independently investigate a known human error 4 months before election day. But what would you expect from a failed mayor desperately trolling for political issues. Why not “independently investigate” why homelessness is worse now then when Moonbeam came into office or why is there a homeless camp in Oppenheimer Park after he promised an end of homelessness, or why he would invite 2 million Lower Mainlanders to his Olympic street party with only 80 meet and greet bike cops, or why his personal friends and political billionaire backers are now living on a private driveway driveway that was once a public road or why are taxes under his watch are ballooning to the point that Vancouverites and business’ are being driven into the open arms of Surrey’s Mayor Watts? But then again it wouldn’t take a costly investigation to list all the reasons why Moonbeam has got to go. Better get an early start to your packing Gregor, you only have 3 months and 22 days.

    • What’s even more disturbing than all his craziness, now he wants to BUY Granville Island from Canada. Why on earth would Vancouver need a whole new mega million dollar debt that the city can thoroughly mismanage? This guy is long past his best-before date.

  10. After losing millions in Olympic Village debacle you’d think Moonbeam would have learned his lesson but perhaps his strategy is to turn Granville island into Canada’s most welcoming homeless shelter… and why not. It already has waterview condos, bike lanes, organic markets and juice bars. All it needs are a few chicken coups and a community wheat field and his election promise to end homelessness will be fulfilled.

  11. According to TransLink brass, TransLink is a world class transit system. Would other world class systems NOT have an emergency response systems in place? Why does TransLink not have one?

    Translink is a crown corporation. Is the MOT not directly responsible for Translink?

    What does Todd Stone have to say about this pubic safety transportation issue? How about the Premier herself? Surely these Provincial leaders must be ultimately responsible for public safety – should they not?