Passengers weigh in on how Translink can regain trust

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Passengers weigh in on how Translink can regain trust

What can Translink do to regain its users’ trust, in the wake of two major shutdowns in a handful of days?

Most people at Granville Street Station seem to be rolling with the delays.

“Mistakes happen, things happen. I had the day off yesterday so it didn’t bother me at all.”

But that doesn’t mean they liked it.

“It seems to happen way more frequently than it should. I pay $125 a month for a bus pass and sometimes I have to take a cab home. And their apologies always seem kind of, not really sincere.”

So maybe there is something Translink can do.

“Try not to break down again? But I guess they can’t really control that.”

Trains were shut down for about five hours yesterday, which is similar to what happened last Thursday.


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    • If you’re confused by David’s comment, here’s a helpful translation for grown-ups.

      “Social engineering” is when government builds public transit infrastructure.
      “The free market” is when government builds bridges and roads for cars.

  1. I doubt anything will happen, but it would be nice if it did. Find out what happened, why the failures occurred. Someone must have identified the risk of such failures and someone denied the funding to ensure it didn’t happen – that’s how emergency plans are developed and implemented, based on risk management. Whoever made the decision that caused this should be simply let go.

  2. The Skytrain brass are going to look at the apetheic response/reactions from the Skytrain riders and conclude that they really don’t need to do anything besides make hypocritical apologies .

    Nothing will change at Skyrain until people take action…. and in fact there is a very simple way to catch the attention of Skytrain ….. just stop riding on the Skytrain

    • What a brilliant idea – “just stop riding on the Skytrain” ?? Sure, and while I’m at it, I may as well stop working to catch the attention of my employer.

  3. The Problem started back in 1986. They should have developed a system using steel on steel lite rail. But no, the leaders at the time were looking for bling, and after 28 years the bling is
    If they can’t keep the system functioning on a summer day. Get some people that can think of more than protect their butts.
    Sky-train needs to be dissolved, and we need to start over.

    • That ship has sailed a very, very long time ago. It’s time to move on. As much as I am not a supporter of Translink, I happen to think that we should be expanding Skytrain all over the Lower Mainland as its the only thing that we have every done that actually manages to move significant amounts of people in relatively short time (yesterday not withstanding).

      For example, a branching route from New West Station heading into the City of New West uptown area; a branching route into Port Coquitlam; short routes in throughout Surrey – basically, build what is done in other cities with smaller feeder subways running every which way and connecting to the main subway lines.

      We chose Skytrain; we stick to it and expand it significantly. That will be the only way to truly get people moving in this City.

    • Skytrain or nothing.

      If you read the documents Translink sent to the Mayor’s councils, it showed they were going to be upgrading the computer system for the Evergreen line, so something like this was inevitable. Why were they doing electrical work while the system was live? that seems pretty stupid to anyone who works with electricity.

      LRT has no place in Metro Vancouver. Expand the Skytrain or wait till the next round of politicians come around and hope they have more sense. The Province should not be funding any LRT’s and the Mayors council should not have any say in what technology gets built, only IF it gets built at all. In the case of Surrey to Langley, or Surrey to White Rock, Surrey should have no say in the technology because it will ultimately cripple those routes if it’s not grade separated, and may as well continue to use RapidBus.

  4. Lite Rail?
    Count up how many times controlled rail crossings would stop traffic at hundreds and hundreds of the intersection Skytrain currently goes above.
    Trains every couple of minutes can you imagine the gridlock that would cause on the streets .
    Lite rail wouldn’t work here so lets forget that argument once and for all.

  5. Almost funny how Translink says they need more money to prevent something like this but in reality a lot of money already goes in to the system and their employees are very well paid often six figures, with great benefits, pension, and vacations. And even the intensity of work at Translink is often very low. I wonder if it’s more about spending the existing funding more intelligently and work on efficiency.