Watchdog calls for government’s archiving system to be brought into 21st century

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Watchdog calls for government's archiving system to be brought into 21st century

BC’s privacy watchdog wants the provincial government to stop storing records in warehouses.

A report released today shows a 10-year “impasse” because 33,000 boxes of documents “earmarked for preservation” have never been archived.

Elizabeth Denham says the problem dates back to 2003 when a theoretical $454 fee was imposed for every box needing to be archived.

As a result, no records scheduled for transfer have been properly stored.

“The situation’s not going to get cheaper and it’s not going to go away. Those records are growing at a rate of three thousand boxes a year, so the longer we put off resolving this issue, the more expensive it’s going to be.”

The Information and Privacy Commissioner also says the current framework needs to be modernized because legislation designed in 1936 isn’t capable of addressing 21st-century needs.


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