Oppenheimer tenters refuse to leave despite eviction notice

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The tenters at Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside are refusing to take their tents down despite an order from the City of Vancouver.

Many feel they have nowhere else to go, and those who do, say it isn’t any better than living on the street.

Mario Armanno says the living conditions in his social housing complex are deplorable.

“The aspect of quality of life, you cannot cook in there, you have to share bathrooms with people using needles, you walk in there and they are full of crack smoke, you walk in there and they’re having sex.”

Armanno is supporting his friends at Oppenheimer Park in protest of eviction notices.

He says the city needs to do a better job improving quality of life for those in subsidized housing, as well as putting an end to street homelessness.

Earlier, Vancouver’s City Manager Penny Ballem said there needs to be more housing for the homeless.


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  1. There is alot more than a couple of campers , in the park , it’s just a hang out for most .
    With nothing more to life than just bumming around , Free rent free food , no presher.
    just goofing off .

  2. Note to lovely pair: The welfare system should be (and was meant to be) for “temporary” assistance for those going through a tough spot in life – not a lifestyle. You want better housing – find employment; you both look fit for work. Try it you might like it – the taxpayers supporting you sure would.
    Also the ‘lawyer’ may want to learn the difference between the front and back of a cap. Hear the banjos.

  3. The young chap in the Tartan strides looks like he could work …… why give a knob like that Press coverage ??? These people would all lose interest if they weren’t getting their pic in the paper and a blurb on the 6 o’clock news. Quit with the coverage, already.