Cedar Party loses headquarters after “surprise” inspection

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Cedar Party loses headquarters after "surprise" inspection

The Cedar Party no longer has its headquarters after a ‘surprise’ city inspection.

According to documents obtained from Vancouver City Hall the ‘surprise’ inspection determined the offices on Dunbar were unfit and may no longer be occupied by city order.

The Building Inspections Enforcement Team determined work had been done including knocking down walls, and relocating a washroom all without permits.

It ruled the Cedar Party needed building, electrical, and plumbing permits.

The inspection was carried out at the request of a complaintent but we can’t tell you who it is as the name is blacked out in the documents.

Cedar Party leader Glen Chernen had sued Mayor Gregor Robertson for conflict of interest in the Hootsuite deal, that case has been dismissed.


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  1. Uh, it’s pretty sloppy journalism to just take Chernen at his word here. For all we know he asked for the inspection and blacked out his own name to make this into publicity.

  2. You can bet the only person that wasn’t “surprised” by this inspection was Mayor Moonbeam. Petty antics like this only will make “Mayor LaPointe” a refreshing change.

  3. La point is a journalist work for the Vancouver Sun and has taught his trade in university and I wonder if there were any La pointes on investigating journalism that the sun has long ago abandon along with just about all of MSM. I guess these trick of getting out the vote and having B.C. Liberal pollster Dmitri Pantazopoulos on your Campaign ,you know this is the guy who’s polling were tell the people that the NDP were going to win then as election night on TV just started came out with why the NDP were going to lose! He will lead the La point to victory Ethnic outreach all over again!