UPDATED: Validity of B.C. breathalyzers called into question once again

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UPDATED: Validity of B.C. breathalyzers called into question once again

A Vancouver lawyer is calling on the Provincial Government to suspend the Immediate Roadside Prohibition program after it uncovered evidence which shows a batch of defective breathalyzers in circulation across the province.

Lawyer Paul Doroshenko says he obtained maintenance records from 70 RCMP detachments which show hundreds of defective roadside breathalyzers.

“These ones should be pulled from service immediately, there is a huge problem, it’s a chronic problem, they should discontinue the Immediate Roadside Prohibition Scheme until bare minimum they have done some sort of audit, but also come up with a scheme to report maintenance, calibration, repairs, strange error messages, anything like that. Right now the method is to stick a post-it note on it and put it on somebody’s desk.”

Doroshenko says anyone who has been issued an IRP should appeal.

B.C.’s Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, Sam MacLeod, says in an email to CKNW says it’s a local police detachment’s responsibility to ensure breathalyzers are accurate.

He says anyone who wants to appeal an immediate roadside prohibition can apply for a review at his office.



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  1. Every one I’ve ever talked to supports the intent of the IRP, no one I’ve ever talked to supports the process currently in place. A single constable armed with “provided by the lowest bidder” questionable piece of equipment can change your life forever. Do the units always err on providing readings that reflect more alcohol than is present or do they let some drinking drivers away? There must be a better way.