Travellers want to know about flight path in wake of downed plane, agent says

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

While investigators examine the contents of the black boxes from the downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, a local travel agent says it’s important for anyone planning to fly over or to troubled destinations to make sure they’re well-informed.

“And it’s the same with any major calamity that affects travellers, whether it’s a terrorist strike or the sinking of a cruise ship, customers are always shaken after it happens.”

Claire Newell says the impact on her business has been minimal, but more customers are expressing concern about travel with Malaysian Airlines, which may have ignored warnings to stay out of Ukraine airspace.

“People are going to be upset with Malaysian Airlines because you’ve got airlines that said, like KLM or Lufthansa or Air Canada that said they had done precautionary measures to avoid flying over the concerned territory.”

Newell adds anyone planning to visit a conflict zone should always check the website before booking flights.


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