Surrey mayor says SkyTrain shutdown proves need for more infrastructure

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Surrey mayor says SkyTrain shutdown proves need for more infrastructure

Reaction came quickly and swiftly to the massive sky train shut down.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says the incident outlines the need for expanded infrastructure South of the Fraser.

“With an LRT system the problems may be different, you would have a driver, and you would be at grade, however if there is an accident there would be some challenges as well.”

Transit expert Gordon Price suggests it’s time Translink review it’s nearly 30-year-old Expo Line.

“Certainly old enough to require some answers, maybe a review, perhaps an investigation. I think we need to know, what is the state of the software and the hardware on this system.”

The Millennium line was down for just under four hours, while the Expo line was down for almost five hours on Monday afternoon.


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    • Don’t know the statistics, but wonder how places like Toronto, where street cars have been a way of life for generations, compare to the relatively new implementation in Calgary? Maybe if you grow up with surface LRT you are better equipped to share the road with them.
      Would be interesting to know how the recent implementations compare to those that have been in place for years.

  1. Next is the call for an inquiry/review panel made up of friends and supporters that will look into the matter for a few years. Concluding with a report that states the need for more money to make it all better.