UPDATES: SkyTrain service back up and running

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UPDATES: SkyTrain service back up and running

Good news for SkyTrain commuters stuck in yet another massive system-wide shutdown.

Translink says the Expo and Millennium lines are back and running at full service.

There’s still no word on exactly what caused these technical problems, which came just days after commuters were stuck for hours due to a glitch.

A similar shutdown occured just days ago.

Meanwhile, the top executive at Translink is apologizing for the four and a half hour sky train melt down,saying the authority will have to earn back the trust of its customers.

Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey says the second incident in a week is under investigation, but the early indication is a short circuit in one of the boards.

He says the authority now has to earn back the trust of its customers.

“The customers don’t care about our challenges, they care about theirs. I say two incidents does not make a trend, we have 95% plus                  on time performance throughout the year, one of the tops in North America. When you run a system of 6-8 billion dollars, yes you                    can have technical glitches, and yes we have a second one here in a week.”

He doesn’t think the Expo Line needs any upgrades.

“The Expo Line is 27/28 years old now, it goes through a continued set of renewals like most major rail systems throughout the world, and sometimes these significant events happen, you don’t want them. We have the funding, we ensure that it’s a safe operation, we will get our customers home tonight, we will be back in service tomorrow, and we will have to earn that trust back.”

Kelsey says he can’t guarantee this won’t happen again, but that Translink will continue to provide great service when it can.



  1. Wheres Jarvis, Kelsey, the high priced Translink help , cowering in their corner offices hiding behind the pretty young media liaison as usual.
    Why are these guys allowed to keep their jobs !
    I guess they have friends in high places.

  2. I think Mayor Moonbeam should see about removing the rail cars from Translink and turning the whole thing into a bike path and walkway. People are already getting very used to walking along the overhead line so just adding bikes should be a breeze.

    • Well! Its just the most hilarious statement from a Liberal/Con/NPA, to blame Translink troubles on the Mayor of Vancouver! Why not blame the Liberal appointed board of the brightest and the best that Campbell hand-picked, but you would never step on the hands that feed you, right!

  3. Why is anyone surprised this 1980s technology is not working well in the 21 century?
    Kind of like using a VCR today . . .
    Good thing Gregor has built bike lanes for the folks . . . lane-way housing and chickens in every pot, I mean backyard.

    The New York system has worked quite well for over 100 years . . . Calgary built a light-rail system that works well for far less money, as did Portland.

    • The Calgary system is garbage, people getting run over , car train crashes weekly , blocked roads for train traffic, no way the Calgary system would work here you don’t know what your talking about.

    • It was your Socred/Liberals that build the Expo-Line! Now you blame the Mayor of Vancouver for that also wow! You right winged wacko’s are on a roll today! Must be an election looming and the dirty tricks are at play for the right winged Ideology and hard for them to act their age and not their shoe size! You do not live in Vancouver and know nothing about it except when you come for your $3 High-balls.

      • “Blame the mayor” ? ? ?
        English your second language Ken ?

        Like i said 1980s technology . . . and who built the Millenial line in the 90s Ken?

        Where in Canada is Socialism working Ken ?
        Where on the Planet is Socialism working Ken?

        And Trev .. . . Light rail works fine in Calgary, I have used it.
        Light Rail works just fine in thousands of cities on the planet . . . and costs a tiny fraction of what our concrete monstrosity costs.

  4. Use a person a bull horn at each station with a cell phone to direct traffic if it is just the communication system. Have the executive work and man the phones. These people just don’t think about alternatives

  5. this is getting frustrating! this is the fourth time in last month this happened. how can you expect people to go green when the train system keeps breaking down. not only that, the fare cost more and more. and there are still lot of free riders out there !

  6. You know, I’ve seen almost twice as many problems with the skytrain in the past 2 or 3 years alone than I have in the previous 20, combined.

    And it’s only seeming to continue to get worse… not better.

    I can’t help but suspect that the core problem is past neglect…. neglect to properly maintain and upgrade systems, some of which may now be over a quarter of a century old… with people taking them for granted that they would just continue to work, until they simply got so old that catastrophic failure becomes inevitable.