B.C. university bosses paid $1.1M in excess, NDP says

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Who’s keeping an eye on how much B.C.’s post-secondary bosses are raking in?

According to an NDP investigation, Capilano College, University of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island University paid 14 executives a total of $1.1 million dollars over the government-set salary cap, over three years.

MLA David Eby says now the minister responsible won’t talk.

“We’re calling on the ministry of advanced education to release the caps. What are the rules across B.C.? And then everybody can have a look and say, yes, you are enforcing the caps or no you’ve abandoned your responsibility.”

Eby says $1.1 million in compensation represents 100 grad school scholarships.

Earlier this year, the board of directors at Kwantlen Polytechnic University was found to have sidestepped rules to pay senior staff over the cap. Minister of Advanced Education Amrik Virk was on the board at that time.


  1. Another case of the NDP saying ‘NO’…Again!

    This time…. saying ‘NO’ to payment of executive salaries that exceeds the salary cap established in our public educational institutions. What is wrong with this picture?

    Where is Mike Gillis, the ex-Canuck GM, the expert in these matters?

    • Blame the NDP haha! right winger’s hilarious lot! In the last decade+ with the highest child poverty in BC history you make this statement?It this truth or are you in 2017 election mode? Recall coming soon with anymore of this cr*p! November is not far away to start recall!

  2. How dare anyone question the Sovereign Royalty (A.K.A. the Liberal Govt) that runs this province?
    I am just trying to figure out some way that I can develop a close association with them. My strategy of becoming excessively rich by playing the weekly lottery isn’t working out for me. Time to turn the page on playing the lottery, and invest some time on schmoozing some Liberal Royalty. Big jackpot here I come !

  3. More and more hogs at the Liberal trough. Salary caps for all public servants should be set at $250,000. NO one should be paid more than that.

    The “best and the brightest” bull #$%^&* line just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    There would be qualified people lining up for those positions at $250,000 cap.

  4. As if this would not happen under a NDP government-dream on!. Just about everyone at the universities is paid more than is reasonable-but hey-its for the kids. Spending lots of money is given as proof about how much everyone cares.

    This is yet another example that proves the adage: no one spends other people’s money as carefully as they spend their own. Presumably the appointees to the university boards approved this-and when spending their own money would make sure that they were getting the best bang for the dollar. Someone else’s money is easy to spend.

    VIU is one of the named universities. In the central VI area-no one ever says anything critical of VIU or its management. Every media story is positive. They do pretty well what they please and have everyone on side with their position that this university is the best thing that ever happened, and that those running it are as close to perfect as you can get.