Unifor set to protest at Abbotsford city council tonight

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Unifor set to protest at Abbotsford city council tonight

Unifor will be in Abbotsford tonight to protest at Abbotsford city council for what it calls a lack of political leadership over the Cascade Aerospace strike.

Unifor Director Gavin McGarrigle says they asked mayor Bruce Banman to urge the city’s largest private sector employer to settle the strike.

“Instead they chose to sit on the fence and say that they don’t have anything to say. What is ironic about that is when times are good at Cascade everyone is there. The provincial government has also got something to say because they have put in five-million-dollars in Aerospace training Aerospace training.”

McGarrigle says 440 Aerospace workers have been on strike since June 4th over issues like job security and wages.

This morning a federal mediator joined the two groups at the table to see if a deal can get done.


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  1. If Unifor spent a lot more time dealing with the concerns of the Membership and a lot less time protesting for so-called palestinians, demonizing pipelines and other job killing endeavours, doing their best to promote far-left failing political parties . . . the workers paying the freight would be much better off.

    Since the federal mediator has joined the discussions, what on earth could the City Council do? Another time waster and media grabbing stunt . . .

    Lets face in Unifor . . . this is the last best hope, there is no one left to merge with in the Private Sector in Canada. Long past time you abandoned your social engineering, politics and started looking after the folks that pay all the bills . . . your Members ! ! !