Sewol victims’ families seek true cause of ferry accident

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Three months later and still no answers on what lead to the crash of a ferry in South Korea mid-April.

Over 300 people lost their lives aboard the South Korean ferry, Sewol, on April 16th of this year.

Most of the passengers being high school students on a field trip.

But, according to a group that’s looking for answers, there’s been no progress and no movement at all in the search for truth.

Eve Wu is a representative of

“It’s been over three months, and the South Korean government has not investigated into the real cause of the accident.”

The website has a petition that has been set up by the families of the victims.

They’re asking in the light of so much continued tragedy in the world, people don’t forget about Sewol.


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