First Nations assert Aboriginal Title in Oppenheimer Park

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In response to an eviction letter Oppenheimer Park tenters received from the City of Vancouver, First Nations leaders from the Downtown Eastside have issued one of their own – to the city.

Audrey Siegl is with the Musqeum community and a downtown eastside resident.

She says she’s frustrated with the City of Vancouver claiming it wants to end homelessness, but then evicting the homeless.

“Give them eviction notices and tell them if they don’t clear out with their stuff, their stuff will be thrown away and they’ll be arrested.”

Siegl says the First Nations community has been in touch with the city and is waiting for a response to their request to meet and discuss the eviction issue .

Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang says he understands the concern, “and that’s why our outreach workers are there now, and they are making sure that those who have really poor housing or substandard housing can go somewhere else first before they are moved out.”

Jang says they will “play it by ear” should the homeless camp not pack up and leave.

City staff and police have not shown up at the park at this time.


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  1. I agree to a point, of course we should help but the bands need to take the lead here and the government supports. The bands always seem to escape these issues and continue to make their money.

  2. Where does this end. They never ask for assistance in finding jobs or getting training to find jobs. Just free quality housing, better housing, free food, better food. I cannot afford to live in Vancouver, instead My son and I commute from aldergrove every day from the 2 bedroom mobile home my family of 5 lives in so I can work in Vancouver. I am not alone, I am in the majority of Vancouver workers. There will come a day when Vancouver will no longer have workers because we will eventually stop coming as it gets more expensive to commute.

  3. First Nations are the responsibility of the Federal Government
    -and individuals are the responsibility of their bands.

    So the City of Vancouver should be expending zero resources on this issue.
    They should be deferring to the Feds and the province.
    And the FN protestors can direct their “wishes” to their own band leaders.

  4. Bugs and rats , don’t forget mice , it’s not the citys fault that your renting from a slum land lord
    If you don’t like move out . Stop blaiming others for your failers in life .
    it’s not my fault that your a lazy bum. Get off your ass and help your self .

  5. Why doesn’t mayor robertson arrange housing out in point grey. I’m sure he can arrange something for them in the area of the “creme de la creme”. He was able to get his road closed to traffic so now they would be nice and safe from those pesky cars.

  6. First Nations people were getting a lot of sympathy for causes like better educations for their children,and better health care near their communities,for example,from a whole lot of non First Nations people. But I fear the tactics of people like this will be a hindrance to their more noble causes,and cause more people to turn against them.That would be a major step backwards in the minds and hearts of anyone with a functional brain.Dividing rather than unifying around ideas as to how to build a better Canada for all of us could eventually lead to a racial divide similar to the that caused all that violence and hatred in the USA.I see no reason to think any of us would be better off by traveling that road.
    But I will say this about the camping.I find it more than a little bit troubling that people who have no homes,no job,and pay no taxes expect to camp for free on some of the most valuable land in Canada,but that this highly taxed property owner with an income that causes me to pay a fair amount of income taxes,has to pay quite a lot more in additional taxes to camp on government property that I actually helped pay for.
    I have no trouble sharing.But if I pull my truck and camper into a rest station along the highway because I’m to tired to drive on.The sign always says “no overnight parking”.And if I find a pull off along the highway that I’d like to park my camper on for a couple of hours sleep,if that highway is running through First Nations land,they will throw me off of “their land” too.
    IMHO.First Nations people and non First Nations people alike would do this country a big favour,and take big steps forward themselves if both groups learned how to work and tone down the more extreme elements within their mutual midsts.
    There are wars all over the rest of the planet.Frankly,none of us need one here.These behaviours are more than a little disappointing.Especially for those of us who have both non First Nations and also First Nations friends. Entertaining friends and having each get to know the other is extremely challenging,and maybe even a bit risky when the width of the gaps between us widens,and the level of vitriole that we use reaches the levels that it does during some of these disagreements.If we are unwilling or unable to speak to each other honestly and civily,it’s highly unlikely that many of us will never be able to understand, or walk a mile in the shoes of people whose backgrounds and life experiences are different from the ones we already know about.
    No one can make peace with anyone else until they have peace within themselves. And people who try to lead through emotion,hatred and vitriole are doomed to fail not only their own cause,but the people that they suck into following them.Followers that a 20th century despot used to refer to as his “ignorant masses”.
    We have a classic clash of cultures folks.But making enemies of each other is not a path to a diverse and tolerant society.REAL LEADERS know that.Those who spew venom and advocate for confrontation,destruction, or violence do not.

  7. Ha Trever , most of the FN guys I know work , and solve their own problems .
    And I don’t see them hanging around there , What you have is just another lazy summer’s day
    in Openhimer Park , it has a long history of use by different people over time , was a stone Quory , And is mostly fill , there for it’s man made . So they weren’t camping there 100
    years ago , And is the life blood of the comunity , And should remain in the public hands .
    This is public property , Not Haidagway , All this is is polatics ,

  8. You talk about the homeless and nowhere to go,this is designed to keep people herded and under watch like in the DTES the police like it this way so they just drive around and the work is easier,everyone is in 10sq blocks.People that wants to get rid of the homeless leave them no choices they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The laws of the land are for Corporations,Foresty,mining, parks.There are no free camping spots in the wilderness either, maybe you could say there is no Camping in the forest unless you have cash or a credit card and a designated spots always right off the highways so you can listen to the semi-trailer truck screaming through all night long. I would give anything to just pack the hell up and go fishing forever now that I am retired . So when you people that disrespect a person who is down and out and has nothing,who are you to say how he or she got there unless you have walked a mile in their shoes! This talk about people being lazy is how the TFW’s got to come to Canada and look where this has brought us! They might just want the right to go and live off the land far away from all the whiners that hate people that have less then they do! I bet most of you would hate that idea because someone might find away not to pay so much Tax and live in total freedom.

  9. Ken, how do you get so off topic constantly and where do you get your rhetoric from? Right out of a socialists a hand book? Laws of the land for corporations. Give me a break. You forget these same corporations that you constantly slag pay a ton of money for your precious social services, both in taxes and donations. As far as camping spots you should get out a little bit. Plenty of spots to go camping and fishing all over this province where you don’t pay for. But don’t expect to have any of your precious services. Also there’s plenty of open spaces on “indian land” but they don’t wanna go there, there’s no services. It’s not about native land, it’s all about where’s my free stuff, you know a 1000 square foot house, my free food (because they don’t wanna work for it), and my free drugs.

    • Right On Ray . . .
      ole Ken would not last a weekend in the wilderness . . . bet he has never been out of the city.
      If the grocery stores were empty tomorrow he would die on their doorstep waiting for them to open.
      I keep askin ole Ken where there is a Successful Socialist Country on the Planet? Where is a Successful Socialist Province in Canada? He never answers . . .

      As far as the FN folks . . . long past time to set these folks free. Abolish the Indian Act and give each family a piece of land and a one-time payout and let them become tax-paying FREE Canadians.

      • last a week I lasted 10 years in the Canadian armed forces doing a lot more than just camping! I would bet a dime to a donut,I would last forever in the forest, I grew up in one of our National parks want to join me for a bet old guy! You just might last as long as your BB-Q has gas haha! I could give you some Elk from last years harvest if you have teeth to chew it!

    • You know nothing just try and go to the forests and see just how many forestry roads a decommissioned .Try and go anywhere near an IPP, just to fish up river you can’t,try set up a tent in the middle of nowhere and be told you have to move along! Do not give me the socialist crap.You are a racist with your rants, free nothing they were punished for 100+years for not being white! They now can settle land claims like all of Vancouver.I camped out all over BC every day my friend and I pay, you are a right winged wacko that should know they do not want the people to see what they are doing in those roads to our back country! Wake up before BC is gone forever! Mr. Liberal/Con you should get out a little more!

    • Off-topic did you change your name or do you use more than one! I do not recall seeing you here Ray, but it seems you have to target me as an acquaintance and know nothing about me, but have a bio all set out like some eulogy.You and your right wingers have brought Canada to where it is today you cry about the Taxes you pay but seems fight at Minimum wages increases so all people can help pay the cost and have buying power all the right wing Ideology and Countries falling to their knees from right winged financial practices from 2008 Fanny mae& Freddy Mac, AGI .Now in Canada where the TFWP flourished under right wingers supporters, Ethnic special interest groups, along with Foreign worker placement Companies selling Canadian Jobs to TFW’s all with your blessing’s. You do not know what natives get or payout so why the hurtful rumors?