Vancouverites protest Israeli military action in Gaza

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Vancouverites protest Israeli military action in Gaza

With tensions growing in the clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, local Vancouverites have taken it upon themselves to spread the message of peace.

Gaza supporters crowded the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery with one main goal, to rally for human rights of the Palestinian people.

Besan Alkhalidi says her family is trapped in Gaza.

“I feel like my hands are tied and I can’t do anything about it. Only thing we can do is just sit and watch what happens and there’s absolutely nothing we can do from down here.”

She explains why she’s chosen to partake in a rally in Vancouver while violence continues to erupt in her home country.

“I have my voice and I should use it to the maximum to make people aware of what’s going on and help stop what’s going on.”

Alkhalidi says she’s saddened knowing she may never be able to go to Gaza to visit her family.

It looks like Israel’s ground operation inside the Gaza strip is getting more intense.

Meanwhile, Palestinians say Israel has also stepped up its airstrikes and shelling in Gaza, where the 12-day offensive has left at least 342 Palestinians dead.

There have been only two deaths in Israel from the Hamas rocket attacks.


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  1. People are entitled to their own opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts. Suggest that one reads what has happened in Gaza under the rule of Hamas in the ten years since Israel pulled out of the area.

      • Tony . . . always the last to know . . .

        J*ws have lived in that area of the planet for FOUR Thousand years Tony . . .

        Wiki is a joke . . . a lot of made-up stuff . . .

        The area was named by the Romans “Palestina” over 2000 years ago Tony . . . it has NEVER been a country, just like the “Lower Mainland” has never been a country.

        What would you do Tony if your neighbors were lobbing hundreds of missiles into your hood every week?

    • Your question is pointless. Israel is strangling Palestine in what Israeli professor Ilan Pappé calls prolonged genocide. Hamas is the legitimately elected government of Palestine and is entitled to defend its people. Israel is in illegal occupation of Palestine and commits willful murder and theft as a mater of national policy.

      You aren’t seriously arguing that life in Gaza was better when the occupiers lived there are you? What “facts” are you citing?

      Here’s one you missed: Israel REJECTED The Palestinian government’s offered of a 10-year peace.

      Israel is deathly afraid of peace because that you not allow it to keep on killing, which is all it knows how to do.

      • Hamas is a globally recognized Terroroist Organization supported by the Moooslime Brotherhood. Even the neighboring state of Egypt has outlawed the Brotherhood.

        “Here’s one you missed: Israel REJECTED The Palestinian government’s offered of a 10-year peace.”
        Absolute NONSENSE Greg . . .

        “Israel is deathly afraid of peace because that you not allow it to keep on killing, which is all it knows how to do.”
        More NONSENSE from Greg . . .
        The so-called Palestinians teach their children to hate and strap bombs on them. They tunnel into Israel to attack and kidnap civilians and fire thousands of rockets into Israel.

        The Israelis use Missiles to protect their civilians from Hamas rockets . . . the so-called Pallestinians use their Civilians to protect their Rockets which even the UN has found in SCHOOLS and Hospitals in Gaza.

        Did you know Greg that Israel gave them total control of Gaza 9 years ago . . . and they have turned it into a Terrorist staging area.

    • Right on!!! Alkhalidi should be protesting what Hamas has done and is doing. Why is this article so one sided???? Israel has a right to protect itself against these terroristsAlkhalidi !!!! Kindly explain yourself or are you an antisemite????

    • William, a little perspective please.

      Hundreds of thousands of people live in a tiny area (Gaza strip) like dogs in a cage.

      Their captor/master/conqueror/invader (choose your term) constantly taunts their caged existence living a life of oppulance and U.S. handouts immediately next door. He turns off the water and electricity when he wants.

      One or two of those dogs in the cage is reduced to violence and nips at the captor/master/conqueror/invader with feeble rockets that rarely dent the iron shield and the captor/master/conqueror/invader retaliates with Indiscriminent violence and death on any member in the cage.

      Its a very strange thing in the modern world that one country is encouraged to not separate church and state…. we find so basic in our evolved western world.

      • Suggest you do some reading about the creation of the Jewish State and what was offered to the Arabs in the area when it happened. Also go back to the mid 1800′s to get the story behind the British Empire in the middle east at that time. The people of Gaza are viewed simply as pawns by their so called Arab brethren , whom offer little but rhetoric. Hamas is the problem, get rid of them and progress toward peace might be possible

      • All very “flowery”, hh, but whether you like it or not, Hamas uses the people of Palestine to try to gain power. They set up their rocket launchers in amongst civilians. They then shoot rockets at Israel. To suggest that Israel should just “chill” and allow the continual bombardment of rockets on the off chance that they won’t kill anyone would be foolish indeed. And you may call the Israelis a lot of things but they are not stupid.

      • Funny that u mention dogs in cage, our society is so sad!!! If a dog is left unattended the whole country hears about it, people get charged, stories make headline and animal cruelty steps in. Yet, in GAZA… Absolutely NOTHING!!! People are dead, dreams are forever broken and families are destroyed. This is when you really know humanity has failed!

        • Shiploads of concrete, Billions of dollars . . . ALL invested in building tunnels to hide weapons and missiles supplied by Iran.
          Would those Billions have been better spent improving the lives of the citizens?
          The so-called palestinians are dupes of the Iranian regime that are supplying weapons and financing.
          Israel left Gaza almost a decade ago . . . the rockets stated shortly thereafter . . . and continue to this day. Three ceasefires have been declared . . . ALL broken by more rockets from Gaza.

      • Arab citizens in Israel can and are elected to government . . . carry Israele passports and have full freedom as do a dozen other relious groups.
        But YOU would not know that . . .
        How well do J*wish citizens in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Iran make out these days? Not well I would suggest . . . if there are any left alive.
        Have you noticed Greg the thousands of Christians being slaughtered in Syria, Libya, Egypt in the last year . . . were you out protesting?
        Thought not . . .

  2. We all have choices-we can spend our lives wallowing around in self pity, trying to right the wrongs or perceived wrongs of the past, or we can just get on with life and do the best we can. The people of the West Bank and Gaza have chosen the former. I am in my 60′s, and they have accomplished nothing-except that a lot of people have died too soon for no good reason. There is something very sick about a culture that encourages and celebrates the suicide of children so long as in doing so they take some evil Jews with them. The children chosen for this “honour” are always those of poor people-the elites in Palestine would not dream of making this choice for their children.

    The starting point for this conflict is the break up of the Ottoman Empire post WW1. The map of the middle east was heavily influenced by the “rock star” status of T.E. Lawrence-who became a legend due to the writing of American Lowell Thomas. Great movie-not particularly historically accurate. But for this, the Heshamites would not rule Jordan, and it would be the Palestinian Arab state everyone wants.

    Common sense suggests acceptance of Israel by the Arab world and then a serious effort to turn Palestine into a functioning society. Or, even better, integrate Gaza with Egypt and the West Bank with Jordan. I don’t expect that this will ever get better.

  3. Picking sides in this dispute is pointless.

    We do not have all the facts. Israel has been under siege since it’s creation and has been forced into conflict, which continues. In my opinion it is unfair to condemn Israel which is trying to survive in a sea of hostility.

  4. I am sympathetic to the Palestinian civilians who are caught in the middle of this conflict, however, when pro-Palestinian activists simply ignore reality they are causing their peaceful protest to lose a lot of credibility. First, violence only brings about more violence, and this latest round began with Hamas randomly killing 3 Israeli teens. That type of senseless killing will not gain support from the west as the activists hope to achieve. It is absolutely hypocritical to ignore the violence that is instigated by Hamas and at the same time protest for Palestinian human rights. Pro-palestinian activists must condemn the guerrilla warfare tactics of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but for some reason they don’t and that hurts their cause. If pro-Palestinian activists acted less ignorant and more truthful they would acknowledge that Hamas is using cowardly tactics that put their own people in harms way. They deliberately fire rockets from homes where children are and then run away into the tunnels, knowing that when Israelis fire back that innocent lives will be lost. This is cowardly behavior that pro-Palestinian activists never acknowledge, and this hurts their cause when they protest for Palestinian human rights. Because nobody in the civilized world would ever support using children as human shields. The pro-Palestinian activists are living in denial when they ignore that their own leaders don’t mind if they are used as cannon fodder. How can they complain about Palestinian human rights then? What about the violation of human rights their own leaders impose on them by turning their homes into a war zone? When pro-palestinian activists ignore these facts it’s difficult for supporters to take them seriously. You can’t trust people that have a selective reality. It’s hard to relate to them because they are either being purposefully deceptive or delusional about what Hamas is and what Hamas represents. Another reason that Gazans are not trusted is because they are hateful. They teach children to hate at a very young age, and then parade them with weapons. Nobody likes haters. The pro-Palestinian activists ignore that millions in international aid to help the poor people of Gaza has instead gone to build a network of underground military tunnels and to stock pile missiles. Our support money has been used to perpetuate war. The cement that is supposed to be used to build homes for people in Gaza that is transported through the Egyptian border crossing went to build tunnels to expand the guerrilla warfare program against Israel and turn Gaza into a war zone. Isn’t that a crime against Palestinian rights to live in peace? The pro-Palestinian activists don’t protest this human rights violation at all. So the Israeli Defense Forces are now forced into a ground war inside Gaza and have to risk killing civilians and put their own soldiers lives on the line because Hamas and Islamic Jihad want them to be drawn into a protracted combat situation that would create more opportunity to endanger civilians in densely populated areas. Pro-palestinian activists do not acknowledge that their Hamas leadership does not want peace, that it is a violent ideological movement that uses all means possible to win a war and does not cherish human life like we do in Canada. If pro-Palestinian activists engage in real dialog about the reality that is apparent to everyone who sees how violent Hamas and Islamic Jihad are then they would receive more support, but right now many people don’t trust them because they come off as untruthful about what is happening in Gaza.

  5. First off.. Welcome to canada!
    Here we are entitled to our own opinion and are able to voice it!
    What ISREAL (is not real) is doing to palestine and the people of gaza is not humane… Which meets their standard…
    Second. If there is a group of u who support what isreal is doing… Go ahead and make your own protest and let’s see how many goofs will actually show up.
    What’s going on in gaza is shameful, and I am not surprised who is behind it all.
    Isreal acts like a bunch of women who beat on kids and women. If this is really about Hamas, why are women and children making up 80% of the casualties.

    Don’t forget we have one thing on our side that isreal doesn’t…. GOD!
    N with gods will Palestine WILL be FREE!!!

    I’d also like to add…
    If Palestine and Gaza had only half of the weapons Isreal had i promise you isreal would not have a chance against us.
    That’s why it has to build an iron dome over its head to protect its people. They truly are afraid of the power of the Palestinian.

    • Gaza, what you haven’t learned is that Palestine and Gaza don’t have 1/2 the weapons (or skills to use them) that Israel has. This is why it is a very bad idea to keep launching missiles at them due to the Iron Dome. You’re continual launching of said rockets causes Israel to fire back at you. In case you haven’t noticed, you don’t have an Iron Dome ! This causes your people to get killed. Once you and your brethren figure this out your people will stop being killed.

      • Your right… We don’t have the weapons, BUT WE DO HAVE THE SKILLS.
        How else could a nation under occupation engineer planes with no drivers. I guess the world just under estimates the power of the Palestinian people. Yes we lost our land, our freedom but don’t let that fool you because we still have our brains. Given any circumstance we will use it to the best of our ability. We live and accomplish anything with what we are deal. We don’t have an iron dome like isreal and we know that but we are defiantly true men who don’t have to hide behind an iron dome to survive!
        Palestinians NEVER DIE, they only MULTIPLY!!!

          • Wow you really are a tough guy calling us Mooselimes… Eh! Palestinians as well as MUSLIMS will multiply and take over…

            This is exactly what it comes down to, the fight is not about the first missile or who shot who. This is a war against Muslims by ignorant people like yourself. What you don’t notice is all the aggression people like yourself show towards Muslims makes a normal person want to pick up and understand our religion.
            I would like to thank you very much because you are making it more easier for people to convert to Islam.
            FYI…. The fastest growing religion is ISLAM
            Read and weep!!!

          • That’s what they have been trying to do since the 7th century . . .
            Gaza is a terrorist run region, since the occupation ended in 2005 what progress has been made? NONE ! ! !

            Got a tip for you . . . do you want to know the final outcome?
            Read Zechariah chapter 12 . . . your future !

  6. NO FACTS allowed at NW . . .

    Why don’t you anti-Israel types just READ the Hamas Charter . . . it explains everything quite clearly . . .

    Hamas is a Terrorist Group, part of the Brotherhood and related to the ISIS.

      • Really . . . been watching the CBC?

        Read your posts . . . mostly nonsense, Gaza is a staging area for Hamas, a Terrorist organization who instead of raising the living standards of their citizens, preach hate and fire thousands of rockets at their neighbor.

        The izzzlamists have lost every war in the area since the British defeated the Ottomans in 1917 . . . when they are not attacking Israel, they are killing each other like in Syria, Libya or Iraq.
        Israel is the ONLY Democratic State in the ME . . . why is that?

  7. A decade ago, attacks began as soon as Israel ended its occupation of Gaza and uprooted all the civilian settlements from that area. Israel left behind agricultural hothouses and other equipment that the residents of Gaza could have used to build a decent society.
    Moreover, there was no siege of Gaza at that time. Gaza was free to become a Singapore on the Mediterranean. Instead, Hamas engaged in a coup d’état, murdering many members of the PA, seizing control of all of Gaza, and turning it into a militant theocracy. It used the material left behind by the Israelis not to feed its citizens but to build rockets with which to attack Israeli civilians.
    Hamas is willfully and deliberately committing a double war crime by targeting Israeli civilians and using Palestinian civilians as human shields. The deliberate targeting of civilians, as Hamas admits — indeed boasts — it is doing, is a clear war crime. Hamas has aimed its lethal rockets at Beersheba, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. This is a war crime. Moreover, it is firing these rockets from hospitals, schools and houses in densely populated areas, in order to cause Israel to kill Palestinian civilians. This too is a war crime.
    This has been called Hamas’s “dead baby strategy.” It deliberately puts Israel to the tragic choice of attacking the rockets and killing some children who are used as human shields, or refraining from attacking the rockets and thereby placing its own children at risk.
    Hamas has adamantly refused to build bomb shelters for its civilian population. It has built shelters but has limited access to them to Hamas terrorists. This is precisely the opposite of what Israel does — building shelters for its civilians and placing its soldiers in harm’s way.

  8. I’m not Israeli or Palestinian but looking over what’s going on I think in order to make peace, the Israelis should make the first step and cease fire. Why not the other way around and wait a second didn’t the Palestinians start by firing in the first place? Well the Israelis command a first world professional military with world class technology. 95%+ rockets fired by the Palestinians never make it to the grounds because of the Israelis air defense as it is. The Palestinians are essentially a 3rd world country with inferior military technology and defense. You can assume Palestinians do not have a navy or air force. Every Israeli rocket pretty much hits their target and kills more innocent civilians. This is not like the cold war with USSR and USA. In terms of the ground assaults, obviously Israelis have superior weapons, training, and equipment. I’m not saying the Israelis are invincible and not that the Palestinians are not dangerous but if you assume all life is equal then the maximum amount of lives can be saved by Israelis only concentrating on defense within their borders and putting international pressure on any terrorists internationally to stop.

    • Further to my comment above, Israeli could instead sent agents to specifically eliminate terrorists instead of flood bombs. No doubt Israeli has their own Camp X where trained Agents are produced. Ever heard of Krav Maga? Obviously much more risky for Agents but well worth it in order to save innocent Palestinians civilians who have nothing to do with anything here.

      • So, Sammy, if I understand you, you are saying the Israelis should stop firing at the Palestinians. Of course, we all know Hamas will continue launching rockets into Israel but you are saying Israel should just “defend”…….. this would, by your math, allow 5% of rockets fired to hit “something”.
        If I pulled up to your house in my pick-up truck with one hundred grenades in the back and told you I was going to throw them all at your house but you shouldn’t worry because only 5% (maybe a few more if I got lucky) are going to hit your house would you buy into that plan ?

        • Please try to avoid any negative assumptions and stay mature. The point is the degree of how Israel is responding is over kill. This is why many other countries is recommending a cease fire. What I care about is the innocent civilians that are being killed by this response. If somebody was trying to seriously harm you, and you know he’s located in a building, rather then blowing up the whole building would you not send a Jason Bourne in to the building to surgically deal with the specific individual. If you’re telling me no I’d rather just blow up the building because it’s easier then I think that’s where we disagree.

          • Sammy . . . there have been THREE cease fires so far . . . in each case Rockets from Gaza broke the ceasefire . . .

            Hamas is a terrorist organization, even their neighbors the Egyptians say so . . . you cannot negotiate with terrorists.

          • Hi Dale,

            If that’s the case then again why not send in special agents to surgically eliminate the specific terrorists in the buildings instead of flood bombing the building and all the civilian houses around it? I assume 1 Israeli is as important as 1 Palestinian as we are all human-beings so the minimize overall loss of innocent life and eliminate just the terrorists this is way to do it?