Vancouver race car driver victorious at Toronto Indy

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

One of BC’s youngest race car drivers was at the Toronto Indy Porsch series earlier today, battling against over twenty other drivers.

The outcome?

“I think it’s every kid’s dream to be a race car driver, I mean who wouldn’t want to be?”

Nineteen year old Scott Hargrove started in second, smashed the back of his car into a wall, and then…

“I was able to get back up into the lead and win the race. So for me it was one of the most eventful races I’ve had all year.”

Hargrove is leading the Championship right now and has won four out of the last five races.

His next race is on the streets of Toronto Sunday – where he will be the only one racing from the west coast again!


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