Integrity BC says Premier’s office dropping big bucks on airfare

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Integrity BC says the Premier’s office is is using the taxpayer credit card much more than her predecessor, especially when it comes to airfare.

Executive Director Dermod Travis says overall Clark’s office has almost doubled what it puts on the office plastic compared to former Premier Gordon Campbell.

As for airfare “With Gordon Campbell in 2010/11 his office spent $870 with HarbourAir and $2970 with Helijet. That compares to the spending that was done in the past fiscal year by the Premier $80,350 with HarbourAir and $61,721 with Helijet.”

Travis says for HarbourAir charges alone it is 9135% increase from what former Premier Gordon Campbell spent.

That doesn’t include $33, 400 dollars the Premier’s office spent on flights with Air Canada and Westjet.

But Christy Clark represents West Kelowna and works in Victoria.

“While she represents a riding in the Okanagan she actually lives in Vancouver. She and Mr. Campell have offices from the British Columbia government in Vancouver thet they operate from. I think it is rather difficult to jutify these numbers when they approximate more than 20,000 flights on HarbourAir and Helijet.”


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  1. Well instead of yapping lets us ask for an audit and just see where she is flying or who is on those flights?She said that she hates going to Victoria and the fall session was closed why such an increase in the spending? Oh! well, as they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Recall coming soon as the debt gets humongous and still no Jobs.

    • An audit? She will just try to bring in some ridiculous form of legislation that prevents there being any way that her government can be audited !
      Her spending is fraudulent; we don’t need an audit, just look at the numbers.
      Who has ever heard of a 9,135% increase in an expense? That’s criminal, but she and her cohorts are above the law !

  2. I think it is rather difficult to jutify these numbers when they approximate more than 20,000 flights on HarbourAir and Helijet.”

    20,000 flights divided into $61721 plus $80,350 ($141071) comes out to a little more than $7 a flight
    I think We have a math problem here

    • Yes, another publication I saw said it was 2.7 million for all the flights from all government, so that’s the 20,000. the 2.7 mil was lift outta this story which makes it weird.

  3. Ken ,no jobs,? Please tell me you are not one of the, no new mines, no pipelines no tree cutting, no fish farms, people. There is a lot going on out there in our province. Maybe she is busy, not much gets done in the house.

    • Never believe ANYTHING she says. She promised that Penticton would get a new Hospital Tower …..nothing has been said since the election….suprise!!!

      I would take Gordon Campbell anyday!

  4. The Premier demands fiscal responsibility from everyone but her own government. “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of management. What irks me about all this is that our believes she is above the law and not required to follow the same rules she preaches. She rewards her friends with hefty raises while telling the citizens there is no money for teachers. She allows ships, intended for BC Ferries, to be built overseas when she should be ensuring work is kept within her own jurisdiction. How anyone supports this government is beyond me! Ok Dale – take it away!

  5. One thing about Christy she’s consistent… she consistently like to spend taxpayer money like a drunken sailor just like back In 2012 when her credit card bill was more than double the size of Gordos over $475,000.00 In one year .with all these flights well the house of legislature has been closed I wonder how many of these flights were to Christy’s favorite oyster bar in Victoria. Yep the BC Tax and spend party headed by premier spender Christy Clark…

    • The people of the Vancouver-Point Grey riding wised up and kicked her butt to the curb in the last election. She had to head deep into Liberal country (West Kelowna), then shamefully ask (probably forced) MLA Ben Stewart to step aside. Then she ran a very expensive by-election promising to deliver the jackpot should she be elected. So she basically bought her seat.
      She celebrated like she was some kind of champion, after she fooled a new audience to get her seat back. It will be interesting to see what she tries next election in an effort to prevent any more nails in the coffin.
      My question is; how can one person feel so much like an ‘infestation”.

  6. Pull the string in her back and get baffle-gab and a long-wind entitlement justification.

    She knows only one tune: doe, ray . me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me…..

  7. We all knew at election time that she was representing Kelowna but would be in Vancouver and Victoria most of the time. Not sure what people expected. Even if she was to move to Kelowna permanently, her job is not there so she would be travelling in any event.

    2. That this is happening is a function of the reality that government is too big. Our style of government has morphed into one where the Premier/PM in any province and in Ottawa pretty much micro manages everything. This is not the way it should be but this has happened no matter which party is in power. The only solution for this is to downsize government which would allow for a smaller cabinet and a more manageable government. But, the nanny state is well entrenched, and the wah wah wah entitlement crowd (the majority) will not stand for smaller government.

    • the wah wah wah entitlement crowd (the majority) will not stand for smaller government. You mean your Liberals that get the cushy Jobs and raises and land out of the ALR for a rodeo! You mean these kinda people, for the last 50years only but,thirteen can you point the fingers at the NDP, time to take some responsibility all you rightwinger crowd if the entitled and take some ownership to the mess you all got us into!.

      • You want socialism, that’s entitlement right there. You feel entitled to have an “N”DP government, recalls and your way. You feel entitled. I guess you’re part of the majority then. You must be entitled and a BC Liberal.

        Also, why are they called New Democrats? What’s new about them?

    • Clearly John was not paying attention at election time. In the May 17th election, Christy Clark lost her seat in the riding of Point Grey and subsequently ran in West Kelowna where she was elected. So what John says is untrue.

      And I don’t know if the Liberal government in BC reflects a nanny-state government-far from it especially when one hears all the rhetoric.

  8. Why question the so fiscally prudent BC Liberals after all the provincial debt has hit a measly 60 billion.
    The jobs plan is working great, inflation down , it’s all rosy in Christy’s world.

    • Trevor, don’t short change us on our debt !!! Don’t forget 1/10 of $600 Billion for our share of Federal debt ………. another $60 Billion ……… and who could forget the roughly $30 Billion we owe for B.C. Hydro !! So, all this “We are such a wealthy Province” talk is just that ………. talk.

  9. The debate about the debt is interesting. Government runs up debts just like any business or individual-it borrows money and then spends it on something. So, perhaps those wringing their hands about the additional debt might want to give us a list of projects they would not have borrowed money to complete. Perhaps, for example, we could be assessed one time tax per person each time the government wants to spend money on something that would otherwise have been done with borrowed money.

    I don’t like the debt-but I also don’t want government to spend much of the money it spends. Many people want the spending but somehow imagine the debt is unrelated.

    • ” give us a list of projects they would not have borrowed money to complete”

      Basi/Virk 6 million criminal legal fees
      Sea to sky highway – benefits small interest group
      On going Stadium subsidy
      Liberal election spending 16 million

      Priorities which are not in the interests of British Columbia, save but a few interest groups

      • So I guess you don’t have a car loan, credit card, mortgage, cell phone, TV and internet, home phone, monthly insurance payments, Hydro, gas and so on?

        Those are all credit products. Only way to avoid it is to pay cash up front. Yup. You sure showed them, didn’t you?

  10. Guessed we all missed the boat by not really pushing for answers as to how she planned to represent Kelowna if she lived in Vancouver and the Legislature was in Victoria. Should have seen a large bill coming our way. Recall West Kelowna, you all look like real idiots now.

  11. According to Dermod Travis, Clark booked 20,000 flights for $142,000 which is $7.10 cents per trip. Since HarbourAir normally charges $160 and Helijet $200 per trip I’d say this is a Premier who knows how to drive a hard bargain. If there is any doubt just ask Jim Iker. Judging by Dermod’s math skills, his last job must have been Adrian Dix’s chief pollster.

  12. Get rid of the Figure head , all they do is take up space , Get a few Managers from UBC and inlighten them about the old boys club and let them run the Province , Any thing is better than the old side winder ,

  13. Give the best and brightest a break,so she can focus like a laser beam on the economy. Let her concentrate on families first, and her swift justice. Let her put her attention in the teacher agreement.

  14. $2.7 million in the 2013-14 budget for local airfare, Helijet Airways and Harbour Air. Doesn’t include the sales junkets to China.

    They sat 40 days in that time so that’s $67, 500 per working day in the leg.

    Who was it said she was campaigning on less spending? Who is up in arms trying to stop them for doing any more damage?